Organize Your Home With These 15 Unique Storage Tips

Tips to Organize Your Home

People absolutely love organizing or despise it with a deep passion. It comes naturally to some while others stare off in disgust at how much their friend’s home resemble a magazine cutout. Whether you’re an organization pro or not, these 20 unique storage tips are guaranteed to help you in ways you could not imagine.

What we recommend doing is simply going from room to room and taking a look at everything. First, start sorting through the small knick-knacks you own. This will help you get in the mindset of decluttering and minimizing your home essentials. The benefit? Decreased stress, easier routines and less weekly cleanup time.

Go through each room and create different boxes for categorizing things. Try making a keep, store and donate box. Work through one room at a time in order to make these projects less intimidating. Once you’ve sorted everything, donate what you need to and put the rest in your self-storage unit. Then the fun begins! Check out our top 20 unique storage tips to help you organize your home.

  1. Repurpose Wine Racks

wine rack towel holderWine racks are great for holding wine, but we bet you’ve never considered using them in your bathroom. For a decorative, and space saving, addition to your bathroom transform wine racks into a bath towel holder.    It will add a bit of charm while freeing up tons of cabinet space that bulky towels use. Just make sure your towels aren’t too unsightly otherwise it makes for a poor addition.

  1. Organize Your Ornaments

One of the most frustrating things is trying to sort through all of your tangled, potentially broken, Christmas ornaments when the holidays roll around. We recommend recycling an old storage bin, making a few tweaks and putting it in your storage unit for the holidays. Check out an awesome tutorial here.

  1. Look at Shower Rings in a Whole New Light

If you have a shower curtain then you’re not stranger to the tiny plastic rings that are used to hold them up. However, we guarantee you’ve never tried using them for organizational purposes. Just attach them across a hanger and use them to hang everything from hats, scarves, purses and more.

  1. Get Creative with Tackle Boxes

Tackle boxes aren’t just for fishing anymore. If you live anywhere near a lake then you’ll enjoy its original purpose, but for everyone else, we still recommend purchasing one (or a few). Since they are nicely sealed boxes with a lot of different sized compartments inside, the opportunities for organization are endless. Store anything from batteries, first aid kits, kid’s crafts and more. Whatever fits, works and it’s so satisfying to see.

  1. Repurpose Empty Glass Bottles

Don’t spend a ton of money on fancy jewelry holders. If you have any bottles lying around, repurpose them – they are the perfect size and shape for bracelets. Simply put them on a shelf and slip your bracelets over the top. Try and fill them up to the top to hide the labels or you can remove them by following these easy instructions.

  1. Ice Cube Holders Double as Jewelry Storage

Those handy earring holders with the mesh-like backing are made for a purpose, but it can be such a hassle to put earrings back on them that they usually just end up in theice cube trays drawer organizers drawer. Once they’re in the drawer, the chances of them staying together are not very high. However, if you put a few ice cube holders in, all of your pairs of earrings are kept in order with an inexpensive and easy solution.

  1. Make Your Own Stylish Jewelry Organizer With Wood Trim and Everyday Thumb Tacks

Continuing in line with jewelry storage, you can easily create an appealing necklace holder in minutes. All you need is some simple wood trim, paint and your everyday thumbtacks. Cut the trim to your desired length, paint it to match your room and then paint the thumbtacks as well. You can also use nails, hooks, pegs and different kinds of wood to change up the style.

  1. Use Crown Moldings for Heels

Use crown molding to organize high heelsFor the ultimate closet space saver, get your shoes off of the ground. All you need is a leveler and some old crown molding for the perfect place to show off the collection of heels that have been gathering on the floor. Simply attach the crown moldings near your ceiling and hang your shoes up using the heels.

  1. Use Pegs for Sneakers and Shoes

The same idea can be applied to sneakers and other shoes. Instead of hanging crown moldings, you’ll need a pegboard. If you don’t have one lying around, they’re easy to make. Then, mount it your wall and you have a clean and organized entryway or closet.

  1. Install PVC Pipes for Styling Tools

Styling tools are basically just a jumbled mess of cords that are impossible to keep organized in a drawer. This problem is easily fixed by installing a few PVC pipes to the insides of your bathroom cabinet. PVC pipes have a perfect shape for curling irons, blow dryers and straighteners and you can install smaller pipes alongside them to hold the cords nicely.

  1. Store Cleaning Supplies with Shoe Organizers

Cleaning supplies can take up a lot of room and we want to keep them sanitized while we’re storing them. In order to save space and avoid germs building up, try cutting a plastic shoe organizer in half and hanging it on the inside of the door under your sink. You can even use the other half in the bathroom so you don’t waste precious cabinet space. Read more about how to DIY here.

  1. Cans Fit Perfectly in Magazine Holders

Do you remember those old magazine holders that everyone used to love? Chances are you still have a few hiding out somewhere in your home and if you do, you’re in luck. Canned goods actually fit perfectly inside of them. It’s a great way to optimize space in your pantry without having to shuffle everything around when you need something. If you can’t seem to find your old magazine holders, head to an office supply store and stock up.

  1. Rethink Your Cup Storage

Kitchen space is valuable and oftentimes not efficiently maximized. There is so much cabinet space available but no one ever has so many plates that they stack all the way to the top. This leaves you with a large useless gap. The best way to utilize this space is by rethinking how you store your cups. All you need to do is buy some cup hooks, screw them into the top of your shelves and hang teacups and coffee mugs from the top.

  1. Get Creative With Magnets

Magnets are great to include in your unique storage ideas for your home. They are self-adhesive to metal surfaces and don’t leave marks when they’re removed. You can put magnetic strips on just about anything and create tons of opportunities. For instance, try using the self-adhesive magnetic strip to store loose bobby pins inside of your medicine cabinet. Or try making some magnetic jars to stick to your fridge for storing small knick-knacks or spices.

  1. Repurpose Old Bungee Cords

The garage space is sacred, especially for the man of the house. However, as the summer months approach the space can get crowded with outdoor equipment, sports accessories and lawn care items. While you probably have a system in place for most of the big things, using bungee cords can help you fix the timeless problem of inefficiently storing sports equipment. All you need to do is attach bungee cords to shelving units and place everything inside. It may be easier with unfinished walls, but it’s still possible in a developed garage. Check out this example to see how you can update your sports storage.

If you use these great techniques in order to take your home organization to the next level, you’ll start to notice a difference immediately. While you’re organizing everything, you might find some things that you rarely use but don’t want to part with just yet. If that’s the case, consider renting out a self-storage unit. It’s the perfect way to keep your life decluttered so you can focus on what really matters. At The Lock Up Self Storage, all of the storage units are secure, affordable and climate controlled. No matter what storage needs you have, you’re sure to find a solution at The Lock Up. Head over to to browse our available storage units today.