2016 Here We Come!

Happy New Year 2016

2016-New-YearNew Year’s Eve is fast approaching and we at The Lock Up have so much to celebrate and to look forward to. We’re sure you do too, so we wanted to share some life hacks to brighten your New Year’s Eve and to help ring in the new year. We look forward to being of service to you in 2016!

Festive Cocktails
No New Year’s Eve celebration is complete without some fancy beverages. Whether you’re hosting an event with adult beverages, or catering to a younger crowd, here are a couple of festive decorations:

String fresh cranberries onto drink stirrers and freeze them. They are a great way to keep fizzy beverages chilled while drinking, infuse a little cranberry flavor and look lovely while doing so!
Use tonic as a mixer and have a black light near the beverage station. Quinine, an ingredient in tonic, glows under black lights and will illuminate your drinks.
Use fortune cookies as a garnish…your guests will love opening them up and getting a ‘preview’ of their upcoming year.

Picture This
Create a makeshift photo booth by designating an area for picture taking. Have some fun costume pieces available like wigs, glasses, and a boa. Take a small dry erase board and write My 2016 Resolution on the top. Let guests write their resolution on the board and pose in front of the camera.

Kid Friendly New Year Celebration
If you’ve got young ones, they may not be able to stay up until midnight (and you might not want them to!). Here’s a fun and cultural solution: ring in the New Year on a different country’s clock. For example, set a clock to London’s time and still get the kids to bed at a decent hour. Then you can ring in the real new year on your own and not start your new year with grumpy, sleep deprived children.

Take Out The Garbage
A party in full swing can generate a lot of garbage. Instead of having to deal with taking out a full bag of garbage and relining the can, simply line your trash cans with 3-4 bags before everyone shows up. When one’s full, just pull it out and keep on partying.

Password Resolutions
OK, so this life hack won’t make your party better, but suggesting this to your guests will make you look great! In 2016, use your New Year’s resolution to create new passwords for your most used accounts. This way, every time you log in, you’re gently reminding yourself of what you should be focusing on for the new year.
We hope you have a wonderful, safe New Year’s Eve and look forward to seeing you at your local Lock Up Self Storage soon!