A Lock Up Self Storage Sale Solution

Black Friday Sale

If you’re the kind of person who can’t pass up a good deal, this blog post may have a solution to a problem that comes with end of the year sales. With fall upon us, many retailers are launching big sales in order to move merchandise that’s quickly going out of season. Patio furniture isn’t a hot seller in winter, so you’re likely to find deep discounts on such items, which is handy if you are in the market for some. The problem is that if you have to keep your great deal outside during winter, the inclement weather could ruin it before you have a chance to enjoy it. Well, a climate controlled self storage unit at your local Lock Up Self Storage is the answer to your dilemma!

And don’t forget that one of the year’s biggest sales, Black Friday, will be happening the day after Thanksgiving. People line up around the block to be able to take advantage of the massive deals offered by retailers. Granted, it’s a good way to get all of your holiday gift shopping done early; but once you have all those goodies, you run the risk of their recipients snooping and finding their gifts well before the holidays. Again, The Lock Up Self Storage is your solution.

With a climate controlled self storage unit, you can store even the most delicate items or sensitive electronics without worrying that they will get destroyed while hidden in the damp attic or basement.

The Lock Up Self Storage has a wide selection of unit sizes, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. If you’re wondering what size unit you need, check the self storage unit size guide at www.thelockup.com. Some Lock Up locations even have wine storage, in case you find a great deal on a case of wine! And with 24 hour security monitoring, as well as key card entry, you know that your gifts will be safe and secure from prying eyes.

Now you can even book a storage unit directly from our website online at www.thelockup.com while you wait in line to pay for your shopping spree. So this year, secure your Lock Up Self Storage unit and shop all the sales and Black Friday to your heart’s content!