Almost Paradise: Small Space Living in Waikiki

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Plenty of people dream of living in a place like Waikiki with its palm trees, sunshine, waves and laid back lifestyle. If you are thinking about moving to Waikiki or live there now, you probably already know that it’s not cheap. The cost of a typical home on the island can cost up to 67% more than a home on the mainland.

One solution that can make living in Waikiki a reality, is to live in or move into a smaller place. Sparked by a number of factors including the economic recession, sustainability and a return to the simple lifestyle, many families and individuals are opting for this way of life.

There are a number of advantages to living in a small space:

  • Cost savings. Obviously your rent will be lower, but you’ll also save on utilities like electricity and cooling costs.
  • Easy maintenance. A smaller place is easier and faster to keep clean, and with less ¬†stuff to dust, vacuum, polish, wash, mop and repair, the more time you can spend at the beach.
  • Eco-friendly. A smaller abode helps you reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Clear your mind. You might be surprised to find out how good it feels to get rid of the excess.

If you’re still not sure you can take the dive into the simple life, dip your toe in and put some of your lesser-used items in storage. It’s a good way to ease into small space living. Choose a nearby self-storage facility so you can easily go back and forth, swapping items as needed. Learn to let go of the “stuff” and you’ll be hanging loose in no time!

Have you taken the plunge into small space living or used a storage facility to help the transition? Share your experience and tips here…


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