April Showers Bring Wet Basements – Let The Lock Up Help You


April showers bring May flowers, but in the meantime, they also bring basement flooding for many. There’s nothing worse than storing away invaluable items down in your basement only to find them in a miserable condition when you go to look at them because of mold and dampness. If you know that your basement is prone to seepage or flooding during heavy rains, maybe it’s time to investigate securing a Lock Up Self Storage unit for all the stuff that you store in your basement.

When prolonged and heavy rains occur, the land around your home gets saturated with water. Water is amazingly adept at finding places to go when it has to, and cracks in your basement are a prime candidate. When this happens, rivulets of water will wind their ways around anything sitting on the floor in your basement. If the rains are heavy enough to overwhelm your city’s sewage system, you could end up with water backing up through your pipes too. This could cause inches or even feet of water that flood your basement and completely ruin your belongings. With all of the intense weather systems that have been occurring, entrusting your valued personal belongings to a climate controlled Lock Up self storage unit could save you from future heartbreak.

The Lock Up Self Storage has the perfect sized unit to suit your storage needs. A 5’x5’ unit would be perfect to store all of your family pictures, important papers, your kids’ drawings, and even some of the vintage furniture you inherited from your great aunt that you’ve been meaning to reupholster. Storing all of these kinds of items in a climate controlled unit will ensure that they will be kept in an environment that will remain in optimal and steady temperature and moisture levels. These conditions will protect your items and save you from losing priceless family heirlooms in the process. And if you need more space, The Lock Up has got you covered with units up to 10’x30’ in size.

Visit www.thelockup.com to secure your Lock Up storage unit now.

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