Backyard Projects And The Lock Up


laying-sod-for-new-lawnIn many states east of the Mississippi, the weather swing from summer to winter is enough to put a halt on any exterior upgrades to property. Freezing temperatures prevent adhesives, cement and paint to cure properly, as well as cause the ground to freeze solid. These are not ideal conditions to work outside. So when summer arrives, homeowners need to get going on any property improvements involving enhancing the backyard.

If your summer project involves laying sod or constructing a new patio or deck, you’re going to need to clear your yard of all lawn furniture to make way for building supplies, power tools and the crew. The Lock Up Self Storage has the perfect solution to your backyard project’s storage woes.

Construction of any kind typically takes longer than anticipated. For work in a backyard, you may need to re-landscape, or need a contractor to plan and construct a patio. This could take weeks. But even if you’re only laying new sod, you may want to keep heavy items off of it until you’re sure the sod had taken root and is established. Nothing’s worse than paying to install sod and then have it die off because it was too stressed.

A self storage unit is a great place to move your items into during the project. Simply lease a unit and use the free move in truck to get your lawn/patio furniture out of the way.

With monthly rentals available, The Lock Up offers a short term solution to your impending problem. However, be forewarned, having a self storage unit can be a lifesaver in several areas of your life and you may just find your Lock Up self storage unit to be one of those things you simply can’t live without. In fact, it would probably be a wise idea to lease a space that has a little more space than you require, then move in all the winter toys you have in the garage, and how about clearing your closet out of all your packed up winter gear to give yourself a little breathing room.

Visit and get your summer project on the right track!