Basic Feng Shui: Decluttering Improves Energy Flow


Many are skeptical about the principles of feng shui. But think about it, don’t you feel a little on-edge and scatterbrained when your house is awry? Some say your closet is a reflection of what’s going on in your life. When you declutter your home, you declutter your mind. You’ll find you think more clearly, have more energy and just feel better in general.

Here are a few tips to help you get started.:

  • Try to set aside a weekend to tackle the decluttering project. If you can’t set a big block of time, then try to do at least 15 minutes every day.
  • Start in the room that’s in the worst state, then work your way around the house room by room.
  • A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is if you haven’t used an item in the last year, it doesn’t belong in the house.

Now, let’s start decluttering!

In the living room – Get rid of old DVDs, CDs, books and magazines. Organize what’s left. Get rid of tchotchkes that have lost their meaning.  Keep coffee and end tables clear. Now plop down on the sofa and notice how much more relaxed you feel.

In the bedroom – Get rid of clothes that don’t fit anymore, that are out of style, or that haven’t been worn in the last year. The same goes for shoes, jewelry and other accessories. Go through your underwear and sock drawer. Throw out what needs to be thrown out. Separate your summer and winter clothes, and put the off-season clothes in a storage unit. Clear out whatever’s hiding underneath the bed, and put that in storage too. With energy flowing freely through the bedroom and under the bed, you’ll sleep much better.

In the kids’ room – Get rid of old toys, books and clothes they’ve outgrown. Reorganize the rest of the toys in labeled bins, so the kids now where they belong. If you’re planning on having more kids and want to save some toys, put them in self storage for now. With more space and less clutter, you’ll notice the kids get along better, are more creative and better adjusted.

In the kitchen – Keep the things that you use often in the most easily accessible drawers and cabinets. Everything else can go in the harder to reach storage spaces. Get rid of extra cooking utensils; you don’t need 6 spatulas. Organize pots, pans, lids and baking pans. Fine china and entertaining ware can be put into a storage facility. Clean the cupboards of half-eaten bags of tortilla chips and old food. Your newly decluttered kitchen will help you enjoy preparing meals and your family will be better nourished.

In the bathroom and linen closet – Get rid of expired toiletries, half-used travel toiletries, perfumes you don’t wear anymore, expired drugs and prescriptions. Get rid of old towels and bedding. Extra blankets and bedding can go into storage. Now run a bath and notice how calm you feel.

What differences in your mood and family life have you noticed since you’ve decluttered? Got any more tips? Share them here…


  1. People do not realise how much negative energy is generated when they live in chaos! I would have to totally agree that keeping your home clutter free is essential to being happy. Well done!


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