Best Organizing Practices For Self Storage Units

Organized Storage

Organized StorageYou’ve finally decided it’s time to lease a self storage unit. Don’t think of it as the disorganized closet where you stuff everything when guests come over. A self storage unit can be a very functional part of your life. We at The Lock Up know a thing or two about storing belongings, so we’d like to share some tips on how to get the most out of your new storage unit.

During move in, you want to move the largest items into the back of your unit first. This includes items like furniture or mattresses. These are things you most likely won’t be moving or needing to access frequently. It’s a good idea to put furniture sliders on the feet of your big items. This will allow you to easily move them around. Once those are in, then begin moving in the smaller items such as boxes, or irregularly shaped items like vacuum cleaners.

While you move into your space, you want to maintain an aisle down the middle that’s big enough for any of the large items in the back, for that moment when you need the mattress for a visitor. Having an aisle will also provide you with a way to get to items without needing to climb over items, which could damage them, or worse, you.

Label, label, label. Did we mention label? Be sure to clearly label the contents of every box you store. Write on the sides of the boxes so that when they’re stacked, you’ll still be able to read the list of contents. Your future self will thank you for doing this when you need to rifle through your storage unit for the serving dish your Aunt Kathy gave you for your wedding.

Use your phone to snap a shot of each item in your storage unit and keep them all in a folder. This will not only help you to remember exactly what’s in your unit, it can also serve as a useful tool for insuring your belongings.

And lastly, keep a pair of scissors, a box cutter, some marking pens and a roll of packing tape at the front of your unit. These will help you to keep the unit orderly. If you open a box and take something out, you’ll not only be able to seal it back up, but you can write a note on the side with a date and when you removed it.

These simple and easy practices will keep your self storage unit in order and allow it to be a useful extension of your home, rather than a daunting pile of things that you’re afraid to tackle.

Do you have any favorite tips on how you keep your storage unit organized? Share them with us here!

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