Is It Time to Invest in Business Storage


Is your company fighting an onslaught of clutter? Whether you just need a little extra space at your business or your sales collateral has grown too large for your home office, business storage from The Lock Up may be for you.

Trying to decide if offsite office storage is right for your company? This guide has been created to help you evaluate your needs and decide whether or not now is a good time to invest in a business storage solution.

Busy Season

Some companies have a business cycle that dictates there will be slow and busy seasons. Tax companies and retailers, for example, often go through a period of several hectic weeks that may require extra storage followed by many slow months. Office storage facilities from the Lock Up can be rented for a short amount of time to match the business cycles of any company.

Clutter in the Office

Are you battling clutter in your office? That clutter won’t help you make a good impression on clients who come to tour your facilities. If you’re running out of space for marketing collateral, filing cabinets and office furniture, consider investing in a business storage unit to make your office a more attractive, productive place to work.

Home Office Storage

Do you work as a sales or pharmaceutical representative from your home? Many reps that work from home have collateral, samples and extra inventory that need to be stored somewhere. Offsite business storage provides a convenient alternative for sales representatives that work out of their house.

Growing Business

As growing businesses hire more employees and accumulate more inventory, they often find themselves running out of space. If your business is growing, you can delay renting even more office space or moving to a new location by investing in offsite storage. Rental storage space is the perfect short-term fix for companies that are bursting at the seams.

For help deciding which size storage unit would work best for your business, please call us today at (866) 327-LOCK.


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