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Packing Hard-To-Move Items

Getting ready for a move? Learn how to pack hard-to-move items with help from this short guide.

And Baby Makes $3,000

Many say that having a child is one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences in life. They also say it is one of the most expensive. Just getting ready to welcome your first child into the world is expensive enough, let alone 18+ years of private school, summer camp and college tuition.

Putting Eden Prairie, MN on the Map

Eden Prairie, Minnesota was just ranked as the #1 Best Place to Live in the U.S. by Money Magazine. This neighboring town of Minneapolis boasts a healthy economy, healthy inhabitants, great schools, low crime and plenty of natural beauty. With a low unemployment rate of 5.1% and 50,000 jobs available in town, you just might want to consider moving to Eden Prairie.

Taking the next step: Where do we put all this stuff?

There was all this stuff that had no place in the apartment. But we didn't want to get rid of the extra furniture. So we thought about renting a self storage unit.

Setting the Stage for a Sale: Home Staging Tips

Increase your selling price and decrease time on the market by staging your home. Home staging makes your property more attractive and appealing to buyers.

Spring Means Seasonal Clothing Storage

Ah, spring! The season that affords us the opportunity to refresh, renew and... declutter. For many, a large part of the spring cleaning project includes a clothing purge. Spring is also the perfect time to store your winter items and reclaim your summer items.

Self Storage Organizational Tips

Save time and money when it comes to organizing your self storage facility by using the proper storage bins, finding inexpensive shelving and utilizing helpful applications for recording the contents within your bins.

Move-In, Move-Out: Managing College Moves with Less Hassle

Every holiday, spring and summer break, thousands of parents and SUVs descend upon campus, blocking driveways, taking up parking spots and crowding the elevators – just to move all your stuff out of a dorm for two measly weeks. Save yourself a lot of headache and irritation by putting your college stuff in a self-storage facility near campus.

Preparing to Move into Your Storage Unit

For many projects, preparation is 90% of the work. The same rule applies when you are moving items into a self storage facility. Here are a few tips to help you get organized.

Almost Paradise: Small Space Living in Waikiki

If you are thinking about moving to Waikiki or live there now, you probably already know that it's not cheap. One solution that can make living in Waikiki a reality, is to live in or move into a smaller place.