Create a Winter Oasis for Kids


Winter is in full effect. Sub-zero temperatures and bad weather will plague us for another few months. If you have kids, that means they’ll be spending less time running around outside and more time indoors. Why not make sure that your kids have a place to play when school’s called off for a snow day? A great idea is to remove the storage boxes from your basement and set up an area for the kids. Let The Lock Up Self Storage help you clear out your basement so your kids can make a ruckus, and possibly even a mess or two, without the stress.

Basements are notorious for being a catch all for plastic storage bins filled with holiday decorations, old papers or seasonal clothing. They’re usually stacked one on top of the other, taking up valuable space. But, you should consider your basement to be another room and treat it as such…even if it’s unfinished. What better place to set up an arts and crafts table than in a room that doesn’t have carpeting or nice hardwood floors? A basement is a diamond in the rough and can provide a place for kids to play, hang out and burn off all that extra pent up energy that’s usually spent playing outside. Here are some tips to clear your clutter and make an oasis for your kids this winter.

Admit it, most of the boxes in your basement are filled with things that you simply do not need on a day to day basis. So the very first thing you should do is gather up all of the items that you’ve stored in your basement and move them to your Lock Up Self Storage unit. Every new customer of The Lock Up is provided free access to a move in truck that makes this step a breeze.

Once you’ve cleared out the basement, you need to get it set up for your kids. A sturdy table can serve as an art station. Provide paper, paints, brushes, cups, pens, crayons, scissors, glue and stickers. If you have any furniture that you are thinking of getting rid of, move it downstairs. An old couch or some comfy chairs are great places for kids to sit and hang out with friends or play games on their computers. But, you want to make sure they’re not always sedentary, so have an area that’s still open. Since it’s a basement, if kids jump around, they won’t be bothering anyone below them. Place some rubber floor mats on the ground and encourage physical activity by providing hula hoops or speakers to hook up an MP3 player so they can dance to their little heart’s content.

Have any other ideas for a great winter oasis in the basement? Share them with us here!


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