Five Ways The Lock Up Can Help You Achieve Your 2013 Goals


As you look back on 2012, it’s natural to reflect on all of the events that impacted your life, positive or negative. It’s also natural to begin formulating some New Year’s resolutions because of these events. The Lock Up Self Storage would like to be a part of making your 2013 New Year’s resolutions reality. You may not realize it, but having a self storage unit at The Lock Up can help make or break your resolutions. Here are five ways a Lock Up Self Storage unit can help you make 2013 the best yet:

  1. Make more money. The internet is the rising star of entrepreneurship and you can hitch your wagon to it by selling off all of the things that seem like clutter to you in your home to people who need or want it. Move all of the things you’re holding onto for that ever illusive garage sale into a Lock Up storage unit and list them on sites like Ebay and Craigslist. When a potential customer wants to purchase, you have a safe neutral meeting zone at The Lock Up…no worries about having strangers come to your home while you rake in the dough.
  2. Exercise. Having a storage unit allows you to have all of the seasonal exercise equipment you want without stressing about where to store it. Your winter skis and snowboards can be used now and then switched out for your summer jetski and bikes. Or, clear out the guest bedroom to finally make the exercise room you’ve been wanting. This way, when you have visitors, you’ll still be able to switch out your exercise gear for the bedroom set up.
  3. Socialize. Have you wanted to host wine pairing dinner parties for all your friends? No time like 2013! Certain Lock Up’s have wine storage available. Now you can stock up on all the wonderful wines you come across and store them in optimal conditions until you’re ready for your soiree.
  4. Travel. Everyone has items that they don’t want house-sitters to see while you’re out globetrotting. Place important and personal items in your Lock Up Self Storage when you have a trip scheduled and you’ll never worry that your neighbor or friend will find out your deepest secrets! Another perk while you’re away from home is that you can have any deliveries sent directly to your Lock Up location instead of getting delivered to an empty home.
  5. Destress. Clutter equals stress. You know it’s true. Get all of your home office tax papers out of your closet and into a Lock Up Self Storage unit. Take holiday decorations, off season clothing, all of the baby items your hanging onto for your next little bundle of joy, and any other items that you want to keep but don’t need daily and put them in a self storage unit. You’ll feel the stress melt away as you marvel at all of the space in your home.

The final hours of 2012 are winding down and we here at The Lock Up Self Storage want to extend our sincere thanks to our staff and tenants for a great year. Here’s to an even better 2013! Happy New Year!

Visit for information on how to get yourself a self storage unit and on your way to a happy, healthy & prosperous 2013!


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