How The Lock Up Self Storage Auctions Work


Every month The Lock Up Self Storage facilities hold auctions to sell off the contents of abandoned storage units. This can mean a big score for bidders, depending on the inventory in the unit.  Who knows what treasures lurk inside of boxes that have lain dormant for months, possibly years?  If you’re lucky, you could bring home something valuable, but at the very least, you’ll have had an exciting adventure.

Here is how you can take part in one of The Lock Up Self Storage auctions:

Be sure to show up a few minutes before the start time of the auction.  You and the other bidders will be taken to the unit that is up for auction.  Once the door to the unit is opened, you can peer in from the entryway.  Nobody is allowed to step into the unit or touch any of the contents.  It’s advisable to bring a flashlight so that you can see to the back of the unit in case there are goodies tucked away in a corner.

The Lock Up runs silent auctions, so once you decide how much you’re willing to pay for the contents of the unit, you write your bid down on a piece of paper and turn it into the office.  The bids are reviewed immediately and the winner is announced.  The highest bidder then has 24 hours to completely empty the unit…and discover what treasures they’ve just won.

You can find out what Lock Up facilities are having auctions by checking the monthly listings in the News section.  If you’re feeling lucky and decide to attend an auction, check the local newspaper for a listing under auctions in the classified section – this will give details of the unit and a brief description of the contents.  Be aware that the owners of units slated to be auctioned off have up until the day of the auction to pay off their delinquent bill, so make sure to call the facility the day of the auction to ensure that it’s still scheduled.


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