How to Properly Store Collectibles


Over the last few years, the recession has caused unemployment rates to skyrocket, 401K plans to plummet and the housing market to crash. It seems these days the best place to keep your money is under the mattress and your best assets lie in the novelties  you’ve been collecting since childhood.

In order to ensure that your collections maintain their value, it’s important that they are stored correctly. Here are a few examples of popular collections and some tips on how to store them.

Comic Books

  • Place individual comics in an acid-free mylar sleeve and be sure to include an acid-free backboard.
  • Store sleeves upright in an acid-free storage box.
  • Keep storage boxes in a cool, dry, dark area like a climate-controlled storage facility. Basements can flood and attics often get too hot.


  • Store coins in airtight containers to reduce oxidation
  • Jars work great for storing lesser value coins
  • Coin folders can also be stored inside airtight storage boxes.
  • Remember, low humidity and moderate temperatures are ideal, so you should look for climate-controlled storage.


  • A climate-controlled storage facility is ideal for these delicate collectibles. High heat can melt or warp vinyl while extreme cold can cause it to crack. Extreme temperatures can also fade doll faces or clothing.
  • Wrap dolls and clothing in acid-free tissue paper.
  • If possible, separate doll from its box. If keeping the doll and box together is necessary to retain its value, wrap the doll in acid-free tissue paper and then place back in the box.
  • Store dolls in fabric boxes, not plastic, as plastic can emit gases that can damage the dolls.

Find a climate-controlled storage facility near you.

What kind of collections do you have? Share your tips for storing and preserving collectibles here…


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