How to Store Furniture


There are many reasons why one might want to store furniture. A child goes away to college and you want to turn their room into an extra office, but you want to save their furniture for their first apartment. You inherit some quality vintage furniture that doesn’t fit into the scheme of things in your home at the moment. You’re being forced to downsize your home or, conversely, you know that you’re going to be moving into a larger space soon and you’ve come upon a special find at an estate sale. All of these and more are valid reasons why someone might want to store extra furniture. There are a few things to keep in mind when you have some pieces for storage and The Lock Up Self Storage is happy to help.

You never want to store good furniture in an area that is subjected to dust, moisture or extreme temperature changes. Attics and basements can equal disaster for wood, fabric and metal. The Lock Up Self Storage has climate controlled units available in sizes ranging from 5’x5’ up to 10’x30’. These units are kept at a constant temperature and humidity level. This is especially important for wood furniture since wood will expand or contract with moisture levels and this can distort and weaken it. So whether you just have a desk and a dresser to store or you have an entire home’s worth of furniture, The Lock Up has a solution for you.

Always clean your furniture before you store it. Wipe down hard surfaces to remove dust and use fabric cleaner on sofas and mattresses. If you will be storing lots of furniture in one unit and need to really pack it close together, be sure to wrap the furniture in either bubble wrap or moving pads to prevent scratches. Individually wrap table legs to protect them. It’s best to disassemble furniture if you can. Make sure to keep all parts close together.

The beauty of storing furniture in a climate controlled Lock Up Self Storage unit is that you know that your pieces will be stored in conditions similar, and oftentimes better than, those in your home. So when you finally move into that larger home or your kid needs the furniture you have stored away for them, the pieces will be just as pristine as the day you dropped them off in your unit.

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  1. Storage is some time a big problem. You may need extra storage space at anytime. Hiring a Self Storage Units is a best deal that time as your items will remain secure and will not get destroyed because of small space problems.


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