How to Store Patio Furniture


Yards and patios serve as extra rooms for us during spring and summer. But come fall and winter, our outdoor rooms don’t get used so it’s a good idea to prep your patio or lawn furniture for storage before winter sets in. The harsh weather that happens for the next six months can wreak havoc on your outdoor furniture. The Lock Up Self Storage facility near you will provide the perfect place to keep your patio furniture safe from the elements. All you need is a climate controlled Lock Up Self Storage unit and a little prep work to keep your furniture in tip top shape to ensure that you’ll have a lovely outdoor room once again next spring. Here are some helpful tips on how to prep your patio furniture for the winter months ahead.

You will want to clean all your furniture whether it will be stored or left in your yard. Lightly scrub all your pieces with water and mild soap to remove all dirt and debris. Thoroughly rinse with a hose and allow the pieces to dry completely before covering or bringing them in for storage.

There are some kinds of outdoor furniture that should always be brought in for the winter. Items made from wicker, steel, fabric (such as pillows and umbrellas), or natural stone are all susceptible to extreme temperature fluctuations that will eventually break down the materials and ruin your furniture. Wicker and natural stone expand and contract with temperatures and that can damage the material, causing it to become brittle and fall apart. Terracotta pots should also be brought in; like natural stone, the winter temps will cause them to crack and crumble before they see next spring. Steel pieces tend to rust. Since you won’t be using them during winter anyway, it’s best to bring anything made of steel inside. Table umbrellas need to be stored for winter. If stored incorrectly, mold and mildew can grow on them and look unsightly come spring. Spray household cleaner on the outside of your umbrella. Use a rag to wipe the dirt off, making sure to rinse the rag often. Dry the umbrella with a towel. Once it’s completely dry, close it up and roll it up in a piece of plastic or a tarp. This will protect it from growing mold or mildew while stored inside.

There are some items that can be left outside, but they should still be prepped for the winter months. Aluminum can stay outside all year. Just be sure to drain any water out of the pieces so that it doesn’t freeze and expand. This could compromise the aluminum. Be sure to cover aluminum furniture with a tarp or specially made cover. Tie the cover to the furniture to keep it from blowing off in strong winds and to keep snow or rain off the furniture’s surface. Wood can also stay outside all year, but unlike aluminum, you should not cover your wood pieces as that will trap moisture and possibly lead to mold and mildew. Although these items can stay outside during winter, they will certainly have a longer life if kept out of harsh elements. The Lock Up Self Storage climate controlled units are the ideal place to store your patio furniture because they keep consistent moderate temperatures and humidity levels which will ensure your patio furniture’s longevity.

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