How to Store Thanksgiving Tableware


With Thanksgiving just days away, most of us are whittling away at lengthy to-do lists that include planning dinner, actual food prep, and cleaning house in anticipation of friends and family. But as soon as the last slice of pumpkin pie has been eaten and your obnoxious cousin finally leaves, you’ll once again be faced with the conundrum of how to best store all your holiday serving gear. Here’s where The Lock Up can help.

Using a Lock Up Self Storage unit to store china, glassware and silverware that only gets used for special occasions is a great solution. Not only is it an easy way to make room in an already space compromised kitchen, but it’s also a safe location, far away from curious (and quite possibly, clumsy) young hands that might like to explore cabinets for fun. But don’t just throw your grandma’s fine China into any old box. Be sure to protect your serving gear for years to come with these quick tips:

  • Dishware
    Use quilted dishware packs for your china. If your set didn’t come with these, they’re easy enough to find online and a good investment. They are great because they are padded and fitted to the dimensions of standard dishware. There are cardboard box versions as well that are more affordable.  With either method, just be sure to individually wrap each dish in acid free tissue paper (available at most art supply stores) to avoid scratches and to help prevent discoloration; then place padding between each plate to keep them from chipping. Hint: a paper plate or large coffee filter works in a pinch.
  • Specialty items with lids
    Items such as teapots, sugar bowls and tureens all have lids that should be wrapped separately and stored back in the item upside down so that the top hangs inside the vessel.
  • Glassware
    Use glassware protection packs. These cardboard boxes have sections for glassware that keep them protected. For long stemmed glasses such as wine glasses, wrap with bubble wrap, but be careful to not wrap too tightly. Pack glasses snug enough so there’s no shifting or tilting but, again, not too tightly.
  • Silverware
    Polish your silverware before storing it. That way you won’t have to do much polishing (if any) the next time you have a fancy meal. You want to avoid tarnish and scratches on your silverware when storing. If you don’t have a felt lined box specific to your flatware, then roll your pieces up one by one in a sheet of acid free paper, making sure the pieces don’t have contact. Then place the rolls inside of a soft cotton or felt bag.
  • Linens
    Wash all table linens and napkins. Simply fold them and store. Don’t bother starching them before putting them away as the starch can cause yellowing and also provides a tasty meal for moths. When you pull your linens out the next time, then you can iron and starch them.

To save time in the future, be sure to clearly label each box you place your Lock Up storage unit; otherwise you’ll need to unwrap items in each box to figure out what’s inside.

We at The Lock Up hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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