How to Store Your Summer Toys


Labor Day is approaching, and that means the end of summer and the end of your summer toys (for now). Whether your toy of choice is your trusty bicycle, motorcycle or jet ski, make those last few rides count before summer runs out.

When you’re ready to accept the imminent arrival of cold weather, take a look at these tips for storing your summer vehicles in your storage unit until the chirping sounds of spring.

  • For motorcycles and ATVs, change oil and filter
  • Run fuel stabilizer to prevent gasoline from gumming up and fill gas tank
  • Drain carburetor floats. For jet skis, be sure to drain any water from the engine
  • Wash, wax, leather-treat, remove algae, etc.
  • Lubricate chains, cables and other metal pieces
  • Remove batteries, watch water levels and charge once a month on a trickle charger
  • For motorcycles, lower tire pressure to 5-7 PSIs
  • Keep out of direct sunlight and cover to prevent dust from collecting
  • If possible, store the vehicle in a heated or climate-controlled storage unit

Take extra care in storing your bicycles, motorcycles and jet skis, and you’ll be ready to ride again at the first sight of spring.  Learn more about climate-controlled self storage units in your area by using our self storage location finder

Do you have any other summer vehicle storage tips and tricks? Share them here…


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