How to Switch Summer Clothes for Winter Wear


Do you feel the crispness in the air? Fall is here and winter is hot on its tail. That means that soon you’ll need all those winter clothes that you packed away only months ago. It also means that you need to prepare all your lightweight summer clothes for storage during the long winter months. You never want to store your clothes in a damp part of your home like an attic or basement. Moisture is enemy number one for natural fibers. Pests and bugs that thrive in such environments are the next worse enemies to your favorite clothes. If you’re not already using one, a climate controlled unit at The Lock Up Self Storage facility near you is the perfect place to store all your summer clothes and shoes. The units at The Lock Up are clean, safe and protected from wild fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Below you’ll find tips on how to switch your closet from a summer vibe to a winter vibe with ease.

  • The first thing you’ll want to do is haul out your winter gear from storage. Go through each item and quickly determine if it’s a keeper or something that you won’t wear anymore and can be donated. Ideally, these items should have been assessed while packing them away last spring, but you’ll have fresh eyes so many months later, so your wardrobe is worth a once over. These items also should have been cleaned before storing them. But on the off chance they haven’t been, or the bug deterrent sachets have scented them too heavily, be sure to wash or dry clean the items before integrating them back into your closet. Once you’ve removed all your winter clothes from their storage containers, make sure the boxes are clean. This is where you’ll put all your summer goodies when they’re ready.
  • Go through your closets and dressers, pulling all clothes that you won’t need until next spring. Shorts, dresses, skirts, bathing suits, and summery printed shirts are all prime candidates. Don’t forget about shoes too. You’d be amazed how much closet space you gain by storing sandals, thongs and wedges.
  • Assess each item. If you haven’t worn it in a year, or it’s worse for the wear, place it in the donation pile that you started with your winter gear.
  • Thoroughly wash &/or dry clean all your items. This will remove any dirt or body odor that attracts bugs. It will also kill any possible hitchhiking larvae, removing all possibility of you opening up your summer clothes next spring only to find they’ve been destroyed.
  • Pack your shoes in one box. Pack all your clothes into the rest of your containers, placing heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. Try to lay items as flat as possible to protect the fabric. Or, try rolling your clothes so as to eliminate fold creases altogether.
  • Place an all natural moth/bug sachet into the boxes. Lavender sachets and cedar oil are effective and not detrimental to your clothes. It’s also a good idea to throw a couple of those desiccant gel packs into the boxes to keep moisture at a minimum. *Tip: if you think you don’t have any desiccant packs on hand, check some of your vitamin bottles and you might be surprised how many you end up with.
  • Label your boxes with the season. If you have children, it’s a good idea to also label the boxes with sizes and possibly keep boys and girls separate.

Bring your containers to your Lock Up Self Storage unit and put them in an accessible place. You definitely want to be able to easily get at your summer clothes just in case you book that fantastic trip to Hawaii in the dead of winter. Stay warm!

For more information on climate controlled storage units at The Lock Up Self Storage facility nearest you, call 1-866-327-LOCK.


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