Hunker Down Hacks for Winter Blues


tree and mountain in winter blueIf you live in a part of the country where it gets cold and snowy, you may be experiencing a bit of cabin fever by now. Instead of lamenting your time inside, spend it sprucing up your home. Even small changes like organizing your sock drawer can make your home more enjoyable. But we at The Lock Up suggest you think a little bigger. Here are some hacks to make hunkering down a little easier to handle.

  • Art Hanging Hack
    Brighten up a space with some color by hanging a favorite painting or photo. While you do it, here are a couple hacks to make the hanging easier. Fold a post-it note in half (parallel to the sticky part), place it on the wall just below where you’re going to drill the hole and it will collect the dust. Clever, no?
    If you’re going to hammer the nails, save your fingertips and use a clothespin to hold the nail while hammering.
  • “Cord-inizing” Hack
    Tackle the mess of cords that lives underneath your desk once and for all. Have you ever had to unplug something from under there and felt like you’re deep sea diving for hidden treasure? Here’s a rainy day project that will put an end to that altogether. Mount your power strip to the wall. Unplug everything from your power strip. As you do this, be sure to figure out what each cord belongs to, wrap a bit of painters tape around it near the plug, and write what it’s to on the tape. Most power strips have fixed holes on the back for hanging purposes. To be sure you drill the holes in exactly the right spot, photocopy the back of the strip and use it as a guide. (oo…you can use the post-it note hack while you drill too!). Once your strip is mounted on the wall, re-plug in your labeled cords and you’ll never have to summon your inner Jacques Cousteau again.
  • Feng Shui Hack
    Chi is a Chinese medicine concept of feng shui energy that exists in everything, including the inside of a space. According to the theory, moving your furniture around can change the whole feeling of a space. Experiment with your furniture and feel like you’ve got a new pad once you sit and enjoy your newfound flowing chi. Once you do, however, you may notice divots in the carpet where your furniture used to live. Here’s the hack for that: place an ice cube in each divot, wait for it to melt and then use a spoon to gently lift the fibers of the carpet. No one will be the wiser!

If you find that while you spruce up your home with these hacks, you have some furniture or art pieces that no longer have a place in your new configuration, store them in a Lock Up Self Storage unit…because come springtime, you may be aching for another change and you’ll have a selection of items to choose from in your own storage unit! Visit to get your unit today.

Have another hack good for winter blues? Hook us up here!


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