Why You Should Keep Collectibles at The Lock Up

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Do you have a passion for the printed page? Can you not resist buying a mint vinyl record? Does your family have it easy buying presents for you because you have an obsession that allows them to shop thematically for you? If you are a collector, no matter what you collect, eventually you’ll find you have a ton of your favorite thing. At that point, you must decide what to do. Either sell some off so that you can make room. But if it’s a collection of value and you can’t part with any items, you must then figure out how to store some. We at The Lock Up have a solution for you. Here are a few reasons why you should store your collectibles with us.

  • Climate controlled units.
    The two main things that most collectibles are susceptible to are wild fluctuations in temperature and relative humidity. These two factors can result in the ultimate demise of any collectible. You want a consistent temperature and humidity level so that your items do not crack, warp or collect condensation which can lead to mildew. Our climate controlled units employ advanced, dedicated humidity control systems to ensure consistent humidity levels. In addition to being able to control the humidity, with a climate controlled self storage unit, you can control the temperature in your unit. This is the perfect situation for any kind of collectible.
  • Limited light.
    Sunlight can have a deleterious effect on many collectibles by fading colors and causing materials to degrade or even melt. It’s often recommended that valuables have limited exposure to not only sunlight, but all light. Our facilities are outfitted with motion sensor lights that only turn on when needed and that turn themselves off when nobody is around. This keeps your items protected from light exposure.
  • Security.
    Our facilities have state of the art video monitoring of the grounds and inside our facilities. We have electronic coded on our gates as well as inside so that only Lock Up tenants can access the storage areas. And every unit is provided with a custom lock and key.
  • Convenience.
    The Lock Up strives to have facilities that are easily accessible to people while they’re out and about.

Do you have a collection that you would like to store with us? Visit www.thelockup.com today!