Kid Friendly Life Hacks


Now that kids are out of school for the summer, the quest for organization becomes a daily battle. Don’t worry, it’s only for a few months and we here at The Lock Up Self Storage feel for you, so we’ve put together a few kid friendly life hacks. We hope these help keep you organized so that you can enjoy more precious moments with your kids.

  • Summer time means crafty projects. This means that your refrigerator will quickly fill up with your young Picasso’s drawings. Why not feature their art? Pick up a few frames at garage sales (another great way to keep kids occupied, btw). Take out whatever’s in the frames, remove the glass and if you want, paint them all to match. Hang them all together on a wall and mount a clothespin at the top of each that you can hang freshly painted works of art. This allows you to showcase the art and keep it organized.
  • Help kids put things back where they belong. This is a task that seems to escape some kids, so help them along with this life hack. Use painter’s tape on the floor to designate “homes” for the kid’s belongings. Map out parking places where bikes and scooters go and they’ll never have an excuse for leaving them in the walkway.
  • Use those big boxes! Take a large cardboard box and paint it or affix brightly colored self adhesive cabinet liner paper to it. Set it on its side, place a couple of hooks inside and a basket or two on the bottom and you’ve got a great little “closet” for your little ones.
  • Don’t forget about the car. Use a hanging shoe organizer over the back of a front car seat. It’s a great place to stash the kid’s books, toys, etc. If you don’t relish the idea of your kids banging on the back of your seat, another way to organize this stuff is to use a shower caddy that sits on the backseat. Either way, it’s better to have this stuff stowed away than on the floor of your car.

Have any other ideas on how to organize kid’s things? Share them with us here!


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