Life Hacks for Organizing the Bathroom


If you have kids, then you know just how messy things can get in the bathroom. While there’s no way to completely eliminate this problem, aside from them growing up, there are a few things that can help to alleviate the tornado-like effects kids (and some husbands) can wreak on a bathroom.

  • Reuse old jars. Bathrooms are a great place to repurpose glass jars. Use them to hold toothbrushes. Keep the lids for some and store cotton balls or Q-tips in them. The great thing is that you can see whatever’s stored inside them so your bathroom counter is not only organized, but usable too!
  • Tame the lock tamers. Elastic hairbands have a way of multiplying and showing up in the weirdest of places. Keep them contained by slipping them onto a carabineer. This little contraption will keep them all in one place, so the next time you’re looking to tie up your hair, you’ll know where to find an elastic hairband.
  • Whip bathroom drawers into shape with cereal boxes. Keep those empty cereal boxes and cut the bottom out, leaving it a couple of inches tall. Get crafty and paint them or throw some colorful self adhesive cabinet liner on them and boom…you’ve got instant drawer organizers.
  • Get on a roll. Folding bath towels can make them bulky. Save space in the cabinet where you keep your bath towels by instead, folding the towels in half lengthwise and then rolling them from one end.
  • OK, this one won’t make your bathroom less messy, but it’s a cool life hack when you’re sick and have to take medicine for a set period of time. For medicines in your medicine cabinet that you need to take multiple times a day, use a permanent marker to draw a grid that represents the dosages you need to take over the course of your treatment. It’ll help you to remember if you’ve taken a dose or if you still need to.
  • Here’s another great hack for you when you’re sick or suffering with bad summer allergies: wrap rubber bands around a full box of tissues and an empty box and you’ve got an instant dispenser along with a place to put used tissues.

Have any other useful life hacks for organizing your bathroom? Share them with us here!


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