Lock Up Halloween Hacks – Part One


Jack-o-LanternsThe Lock Up makes it a priority to protect your belongings all year round so that you don’t have to worry about where they are or if they’re safe. But we also like to make sure that your life is a little easier in as many ways as possible. In keeping with our Lock Up Life Hacks series, this month we’re focused on Halloween hacks.

Halloween is a great holiday that everyone, adult or child, can enjoy. From decorating to costumes to party favors, there can be a lot of planning involved. But for most of us, we’re often too busy and never get around to any of that until it’s too late. Well, never fear, The Lock Up has some Halloween hacks for you that will take the stress away so you can play!

  • Bloody Candles
    Purchase some white pillar candles and some red votive candles. Light the red candles and drip the red wax all over the tops of the white candles to make it look like they’re bleeding. Creepy!
  • Pumpkin Votive Holders
    Carve out the center of some miniature pumpkins and place those red votive candles in them. Voila! Festive themed candles!
  • Quick Pumpkin Decorations
    For those of you with kids who are too young to handle knives, just get some permanent markers and let the kids go to town drawing on their pumpkins. You can also take old lacy pantyhose and stretch them over pumpkins for a goth look.
  • Fun Carved & Smoky Pumpkins
    Cut off the top of a pumpkin and hollow it out. Carve out a spooky face or take a hand drill and different sized bits to the pumpkin to create a pattern. Place a glass of water inside the pumpkin, then put a piece of dry ice inside the water. Put the lid back on the pumpkin and watch it ooze spooky smoke!
  • Surgical Glove Party Favors
    Fill up latex gloves with candy and tie them off. Great as party favors or to hand out to Trick or Treaters!
  • Creepy Ice Cubes
    Fill up your ice trays and place a plastic spider in each ice cube. Place the frozen creepy crawlies into glasses or into a punchbowl for spooky imbibements.
  • Glowing Creatures
    Break a glowstick and place it into a balloon. Blow up the balloon, tie it off and then use a permanent marker to draw ghost or alien faces onto the balloon. Place them strategically around for an otherworldly effect!

We hope these ideas have gotten you into the Halloween spirit! Stay tuned for our next installation of Halloween Hacks coming soon!

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