Lock Up Moving Life Hacks Part 1

Unpacking Boxes

Unpacking boxesWe get it. Moving is stressful. We aim to make it less stressful, so we’re going to be posting a series on moving life hacks to ease your transition from old pad to new abode. But before we get them, we’d like to remind you that The Lock Up Self Storage is an invaluable asset for you during a big move. Not only can we store any extra items or furniture if you’re downsizing, we are also are a moving headquarters and have all the necessary accouterments related to moving like boxes, tape, and labels. Now that you know that, we’d like to share five life hacks you can use during your move.

  1. Pack a first night box.
    Chaos is inevitable during a move. To keep some semblance of normalcy, a first night box should contain your every day necessities that will help you feel human on the first morning in your new place. Here are some suggestions to get you on the right path: coffee maker and mug, your pajamas, a clean change of clothes for the next day, personal care items like toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, any prescriptions and your computer or cell phone chargers.
  2. Take pictures of your electronics.
    Not the front…the back, where that mess of cords lives. This is particularly helpful for technophobes who don’t have the patience to figure out which cord matches which plug. Just follow the pictures you took before you unplugged everything. Throwing a piece of painter’s tape around the cord and labeling it is helpful too.
  3. Make a packing 101 box
    Take one box and put all your packing supplies in it. Tape, scissors, markers, labels, packing peanuts, foam…basically anything you need to pack up your items. This will prevent you from losing these invaluable tools during the packing process, and it will be easier to move all of them from room to room.
  4. Use suitcases for heavy stuff.
    Don’t put your clothes in your suitcases. Put items heavy stuff like books in them. The handles and wheels will help save your back during the move.
  5. Don’t throw away old dried up rolls of tape.
    Have a roll of masking or painter’s tape that’s dried up? Nuke it for a few seconds and it will loosen up and be easier to use.

We hope these hacks help!

Have a moving life hack you want to share? We’d love to hear it.

And if you need a place to put some of your extra stuff, you can always rent a self storage unit at www.thelockup.com.