Lock Up Moving Life Hacks Part 4 – Moving In

Using Short Term Self Storage for Moving

Moving truck packed


You’ve done it! You packed up all your items and you’re on the way to a new and improved life in a new home. Now comes the daunting task of unpacking and settling into your new abode. The Lock Up Self Storage understands how much turmoil your life is in at that point and we want you to know that if, during your unpacking process, you find that you overestimated how much stuff your new place can accommodate, we are there for you. In the event you need to move items into storage, we provide a free move in truck for every new tenant, so you won’t have to shell out more money for a moving truck. That’s just one way we strive to help you. Providing helpful life hacks is another way. Here is the last installment in our series featuring life hacks to help you get going in your new life.

  1. Take pictures of your new apartment.
    Before you do anything, snap some shots of your apartment. Focus on anything that may prevent you from collecting your full security deposit when you leave. Be sure that you have a time stamp on the images and your landlord won’t have a leg to stand on when you show them that the crown molding was missing a section when you moved in.
  2. Collect local restaurant delivery menus.
    You’ll be so exhausted that you won’t want to cook, or possibly even go out after a big move. If you have a collection of menus, dinner is only a phone call away.
  3. Use a rubber band on auto locking doors.
    If your new apartment has self locking doors, you’ll want to avoid getting locked out over and over again. While it’s a good idea to keep your keys on you during a move, sometimes it’s not practical or you simply forget. To keep yourself from getting locked out, take a rubber band and loop it around the inside door handle, then stretch it over and across the locking mechanism and secure the rubber band on the outside door handle. This will keep the latch from catching and will let you come and go freely during your move.
  4. Use tape to measure.
    As you get settled into your new place, you’ll begin hanging things on your walls. The most frustrating item to hang is the one that has fixed holes that you have to get right the first time so that you don’t riddle your walls with holes. Use a section of painter’s tape to measure the distance between the holes. This way you can transfer the tape right onto the wall, check if it’s level and then drill your holes, knowing you’ve got it right.
  5. Use Post It notes for drilling.
    If you have to drill a hole for something, avoid having to bust out the vacuum cleaner for the inevitable dust that will spill on the floor. Take a Post It note and fold the bottom up to the top. Take the note and put the sticky part just underneath where you will drill and it will collect the dust for you!

We hope these hacks help!

Have a moving in life hack you want to share? We’d love to hear it.

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