Make Room for Summer by Storing Winter Clothes in a Lock Up Self Storage Facility


Spring has sprung, so what better time to start preparing all of your winter gear for storage?  Scarves, hats, sweaters and heavy coats all need to be stored safely away from the hot and humid weather that will soon be arriving.  And no, the attic, garage or even the basement are not good storage solution areas  because they are too susceptible to dramatic changes in temperatures and humidity levels for the safety of your winter clothing; attics are too hot, garages are too dirty and basements are too damp.  These places can also allow the entry of insects that will most certainly leave your clothes full of holes.  If eliminating those options has left you wondering where to store all of your stylish winter wear, a climate controlled self storage facility can solve your problem.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure that next winter you will be able to dress to the nines even when the temps drop below zero.

  • Wash everything you intend to store (even clothes that you figure are clean).  As mentioned before, insects are your clothing’s arch nemesis.  Carpet beetles, silver fish and moth larvae love to eat up natural fibers and are especially attracted to clothes that have stains such as perspiration or food.  You want to make sure to have everything as clean as possible before you pack it up.
  • Use plastic bins with lids to store foldable and delicate items.  Place heavier pieces on the bottom, lighter ones on top.  Try to lay them as flat as possible to avoid wrinkling.  Don’t over pack the bins; you want to have some air circulation so that the fibers can breathe.  If you pack too tightly, clothes can degrade more rapidly and even create a perfect environment for mildew to grow.
  • Use something natural to protect your goods such as sachets of lavender or blocks of cedar.  Steer clear of moth balls, they are made of toxic materials that make your clothes smell horrible, can cause respiratory problems and they can even melt the plastic of a bin into your clothes.
  • Find a self storage facility that has climate control and no windows so that you know your clothes will remain in a cool, dry and dark environment – the best kind for storing clothing over long periods of time.

Call 1-866-327-LOCK to find a Lock Up Storage facility near you.

Have you ever opened up a box of stored winter clothes only to find your favorite sweater looking more like swiss cheese?  Share your story here.


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