Make Valentine’s Sweeter

Valentine card

Valentine cardValentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a purely commercial holiday. So many people get lazy and buy a generic store bought card, but it’s far more meaningful to give your sweetheart a heartfelt card that you made.  And if you have children, crafting some handmade valentines can be fun for the whole family. But, glitter, glue and all the fixings can be quite messy. It’s best to get organized first so there’s less cleanup later. Here are some tips to keep your project contained.

  • Choose a specific area to work on your valentines. This will keep the mess contained.
  • Lay a large piece of paper on your workspace and tape it to the table. Butcher paper is great for such crafting projects because it is wide and has a wax coating on one side that will protect your tabletop from spills.
  • Create a Valentine card-making kit. If you’re working with kids, have each one gather up their arsenal of decorating goodies and put them in a bin. Glue, glitter, scissors, paint, paintbrushes, tape, markers, construction paper and card stock, ribbon and hole punchers are all great additions. Organize these elements by placing them in plastic cups inside the bins.  This will keep everything separated and easily accessible. Be sure to have a plastic cup or jar of water on the table so you can rinse out paintbrushes too.

When the card making festivities are over, you’ll have everything you need to make crafty cards on short notice already available and organized. Any mess that’s leftover will simply be gathered up when you remove the paper you laid down earlier.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you from The Lock Up Self Storage!


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