Moving Hacks for Moving Out


Move Out Of The HouseIt’s not ideal to move in the winter, but sometimes we have no choice. If you find yourself in the position of having to move out right now, The Lock Up Self Storage understands and we’re here to help. First, a self storage unit can be your best friend during a move, especially if you’re moving to a smaller place, but just can’t part with some stuff that won’t fit. Second, we have a few moving out hacks that will help the process.

  • Ditch the Markers for Labeling – Color Code Instead
    Face it, during a move, a small permanent marker is bound to get lost. Get visual with this hack: Pick a color of duct tape for each room. Put the tape in its corresponding room. Once you’ve packed up all the boxes in each room, seal them with the colored tape. This not only helps organize the boxes, but you’ll also immediately know where each box goes in your new space!
  • Plate your Plates
    Use Styrofoam plates in between your regular plates when you pack them up. They will protect your plates from chipping and you can use them during the first few days in your new place to cut down on the extra chore of dishes while you settle in your new pad.
  • Hole Hack
    Use a bar of soap to fill in holes in your walls left from your hanging items. Simply rub the bar over the hole a few times until it fills up.
  • Hanging Clothes Hack
    Don’t bother taking everything off the hangers, folding and packing it. That’s a waste of time! Simply gather groups of hanging clothes together, zip tie the tops of the hangers together, place a heavy duty garbage bag over the top and tie up the bottom. Bam, you’ve got an easy to manage package of clothes that can go right inside your new closet.
  • Broken Glass Hack
    It’s very possible that some kind of glass object will get broken during your move. Once you get the big pieces picked up off the ground, rub slices of bread on the ground to pick up those tiny pieces so they don’t end up embedded in your skin. This works the best on hard floor surfaces.

Best of luck on your move…we hope these hacks help you!

And don’t forget to visit to secure yourself a self storage unit for the items you just can’t leave behind, but don’t have space for in your new abode.


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