Organizing Life Hacks with Household Objects Part 2

Get Organized Part 2




In the ongoing battle against clutter, The Lock Up Self Storage has compiled a few life hacks that will help you get your home organized utilizing everyday household objects. If you have a tendency to hang on to items because you feel that they will be useful sometime in the future, we’re here to tell you that the future is now! Time to finally make those items taking up space work for you. Here’s part two of our series on how to get organized using household objects:

(See Part 1)

  • Magnets
    Like velcro, magnets are a home organizer’s best friend. Mount them anywhere that you want to have easy access to an item (just be sure you’re not using magnets on electrical items as they often have circuit boards inside that could be damaged by the magnetic field). We recommend placing a magnet inside your bathroom medicine chest and keeping your tweezers on it. You’ll always know where they are!
    Another idea is to use a magnetic strip underneath your kitchen cabinets. Then you can place small jars of your favorite/most used spices underneath for easy access.
  • Magazine Rack
    Admit it, a magazine rack is just another place for clutter to gather. Will you really look at a magazine at the back of the rack that’s 6 months old? Probably not. Instead, mount that rack inside of a kitchen cabinet and make it useful. Use it to store pot lids out of the way, or place your cutting boards in it.
  • Pants Hanger
    While we’re on the subject of organizing your kitchen, a pants hanger is the perfect solution to the age old problem of where to put your recipe so that it’s easy to read, yet out of the way. Simply hang a pants hanger from your kitchen cabinet handle and clip your recipe into it. Easy to read, and now your countertop is wide open for business!
  • Cassette Case
    You insisted on keeping that cassette of Wham!, but you no longer have a cassette tape player in the house. Well, we have a modern day solution that will upcycle that holder at least. Open the case, flip the part that holds the cassette all the way around and use it as a holder for your cell phone while you Skype with mom. Thanks Wham!
  • PVC Pipes
    Nearly every garage has some small, leftover sections of PVC pipe laying around. Well, their time has come. Secure them to a wall and place your garden tool handles through them. Now your scraps are working for you.


We hope these ideas have spurred some creativity in your thoughts as you look around your home. If you come up with any other organizing uses for commonly found household items, we’d love to hear them!

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