Packing Peanuts 101


Before the packing peanut was invented, whenever somebody had to pack items into a box, they would use a variety of materials as loose fill. Shredded paper, newspapers, hay and wood shavings were common fillers. Then science made huge advancements in plastics and the packing peanut was born. This enabled shippers to have a lightweight yet sturdy loose fill material that would stay intact for the duration of the package’s journey.

When using packing peanuts, there are two things to keep in mind to ensure that the items you’re packing will remain intact during their trip.

1. Always be sure to provide enough padding between items, at a minimum there should be 2 inches between any items being packed in the same box.

2. Always use enough packing peanuts; too few, and your item will likely settle to the bottom of the box or up against another item in the box during transit.

If you’re planning on moving anytime soon, packing peanuts can be your best friend. Your boxes will be light, and your items will be safe. And as luck would have it, peanuts are very easy to come by. In a pinch, you can always buy some, but it’s a great idea to start saving them up by throwing them in a large plastic garbage bag whenever you receive a package with them. Plus, you’ll be doing the environment a favor. Styrofoam packing peanuts do take a long time to break down, so saving them up for the inevitabile times that you need to pack a box will keep them out of landfills and still of service.

In fact, packing peanuts can be quite handy to have around the house. Use them at the bottom of plant pots for extra drainage that helps keep the pot from being too heavy. Poke a nail through a peanut and use it to hold the nail in place while hammering to save your fingers from getting harmed. If you have a hole that is just a little too big for the screw you have, place the screw in the peanut, drive it into the hole and pull away any excess. The leftover styrofoam peanut in the threads of the screw will help keep it in place.

But mostly, you’ll just be happy when the time comes that you want to pack up a delicate item and you have packing peanuts because you’ll know that your item will be safe and sound for its journey.

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