Painting Life Hacks


If you’re moving into a new place, you’ll likely want to spruce it up by painting before you move all your stuff into it. Here are a couple of little life hacks that will make the task a little less painful.

  • Use old clothing or towels as rags.
    Everyone has old t-shirts that are on their way out, or towels that you wouldn’t give to guests. Even though these items have lost their lustre, they’re still useful. Cut them up into squares and you’ll have washable rags that you can use to wipe up paint drips and spills.
  • Save jars and plastic containers
    Don’t throw those pickle jars away and be sure to save those plastic containers from the deli. These are perfect for detailed paint work around windows or other architectural perks of your new pad. Just fill your jar or container with your paint color and carry it around with you. It’s a much lighter and less cumbersome way to paint small areas.
  • Use a rubber band on your paint can
    You know how your paint can always has drips on the sides that end up on your floor? Avoid those by taking a large rubber band and stretching it lengthwise over your open paint can, making sure that it stretches across the opening. Use the rubber band to wipe off excess paint from your brush instead of the side of the can. The drippings will fall back into your can, not on your floor!
  • Use a tab from your loaf of bread
    While putting painter’s tape on your walls, you may need to walk away. When you return to your task, avoid having to find the end of your tape with your fingernail by adhering a tab from a loaf of bread to the end of the tape.

Have any other favorite painting life hacks? Share them with us here!


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