Post Holiday Cleanup Hacks

Christmas Ornaments

Once the holidays are over, the daunting task of taking everything down and storing it away begins. If you’ve taken advantage of our (s)Elf Storage Special deal, you have a place to put all your holiday decorations. If not, head over and secure a unit for as low as $25 for one month! But before you dismantle everything, take a look at these handy life hacks that will keep you organized for next season.

Orderly Ornaments
Delicate and fragile ornaments can be difficult to store. Not anymore!
Here’s an idea: line the bottom of a storage bin with plastic cups leftover from your holiday party and place your ornaments inside. Place a piece of cardboard over the top to create another layer.
Here’s another: save a couple of egg cartons and use them to store smaller ornaments. The sections keep everything separated and you can stack them on top of each other in a layer. Also, keep any wine boxes that have cardboard dividers. These are perfect for storing large ornaments in safely.

Wrangle Tangled Strands
Strands of lights and garland that are tangled can really kill the holiday spirit. So, be sure to set yourself up for a joyful decorating experience next season by taking a little time now to store your strands. One way to keep lights and garland in order is to wrap them around a hanger. Another is to wrap the strand in a circle and use a twist tie at the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions. Either technique will keep you from pulling your hair out next season. Also, try tagging each strand with the place that they fit so next year you won’t have to think about where to put them.

Holiday Cards At Your Service
Don’t throw all your holiday cards away just yet! Use your phone to take a snapshot of the family photo holiday cards you received and use the image as the contact photo. Also, keep any cards that you like in with your wrapping paper. Next year, just cut off the inside that has writing on it and use the image on the front as a gift tag.

Wreath Saver
Wreaths can be unwieldy decorations. Of course, if you have a wreath made of fresh pine, you won’t save it for next year. But if you have an artificial wreath, there’s no need to buy a wreath bag for it. Simply hang it off of a clothes hanger, take a garbage bag and slip it over the wreath, cinch the tie up around the hanger, and hang it in a storage closet. Voila! Your wreath will be dust free and un-smooshed when you take it out.

Double Duty Boxes
Don’t bother buying extra storage bins for your holiday goodies. Instead, use all of the special gift boxes and holiday tins that you received over the holidays to store your decorations, bows, and ribbons.

Have any hacks for helping to store holiday decor? We’d love to hear them! Share them below.