Post Holiday Cleanup Life Hacks

Christmas Lights

tangled-christmas-lightsThe holidays were a smashing success! Now comes the big clean up…taking down decorations and trying to keep them in order for the grand unveiling a year from now can seem like a hassle. But, here are a few tips that will make next year’s decorating time a pleasure.

  • Wrangle wrapping paper
    Ever wonder how you can keep wrapping paper rolls from unrolling? Using tape will just rip off the design when you remove it. This year, use the cardboard from empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls. Simply cut down one side of the roll and slip it around the wrapping paper roll. This will gently but firmly hold the paper in place.
  • Organize your Ornaments
    Ornaments come in all shapes and sizes…and many are very delicate. Before you start dismantling your tree, get a large plastic box that has a lid. Place 16oz plastic cups along the bottom. As you take ornaments off the tree, put them into the plastic cups to keep them organized and safe. Use a piece of cardboard on top of the cups to create another layer.
    For smaller ornaments, empty egg cartons work great! And they stack too, so you can really store efficiently.
  • Lasso your lights
    Nobody likes being the one to put the lights on the Christmas tree. This year, set someone up for success with this life hack: as you take the lights down, wrap them around a plastic hanger. They’ll stay in place and never get tangled! Next year, lighting up the tree will be easier than ever!
  • Keep those Cards
    Do you receive lots of lovely cards during the holiday? No reason to throw them away. Keep them in with your decorations and next year, use the faces of them for decorating or as gift cards for presents.
  • Save the Gingerbread Men
    Baking Gingerbread Men cookies is a great holiday tradition. After the holidays, you may find yourself with an excess of cookies. Instead of widening your waistline by eating them all, put three coats of varnish on them. This will preserve the little guys and they can make an appearance next year as decorations placed on the boughs of your tree.

And of course, once you get everything packed up, visit your Lock Up Self Storage unit and put it all there where it will be safe and sound until next year. If you don’t have a storage unit, go to to get yours now.


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