Prep Winter Wear for Summer Hibernation

How to Organize a Self-Storage Unit for Frequent Access

Warm weather is here. Soon we’ll be able to shun our winter boots and shelve our gloves and hats. This transition should not be done all willy nilly though. Winter wear is costly and should be prepared before going into hibernation for the summer. Here are some quick and easy ways to make sure that next winter you won’t find holes in your wool mittens, or salt stains on your favorite winter boots.

Stashing your heavier clothing in the back of your closet is not the best solution. The biggest problem with the fabrics that many winter duds are comprised of is that they attract insects. Moths, beetles and silverfish love the fibers and the leftover dirt on clothes. Be sure to wash or dry-clean all of your items from sweaters to long johns to coats. If you’re not sure how to clean a wool hat or mittens, use a gentle cleanser and hand wash them in cold water in your sink and lay flat to dry.

Once everything is clean, you can then begin the packing stage. Plastic bins with lids are a great solution. They’ll keep items clean, free of dust and bugs too. Airtight storage bags are another smart solution, especially for those low on space.

Boots and winter shoes should be attended to also. Salt and water stains will eat away at leather, especially if it’s not coated with a weather resistant spray. If you have white stains on your shoes from salt, use a dry brush to brush off any solidified salts. Then dip a cotton ball in white vinegar and gently wipe away the stains. Let the shoes air dry. Check the treads of your shoes to makes sure there’s no caked up dirt in them. For tall boots, roll up magazines and place them inside so they keep their shape. Now your winter shoes are ready to be put away for the summer.

Now that all your hats, gloves, scarves, coats and boots cleaned an packed up, you’re ready to store them. A closet is an ideal place to store them if you have the space. Don’t even think about putting them in the attic or garage. The temperature extremes and moisture levels can wreak havoc on your items. Instead, look into a Lock Up Self Storage unit. These units are climate controlled so that your items never experience high levels of moisture or extreme temperatures. Contact your local Lock Up facility to secure your self storage unit today, or visit for more info.


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