Proper Storage for Electronics


We sometimes find ourselves needing to pack up and store electronic devices. It’s important to realize that there’s a correct way to store delicate electronics. Cold, damp conditions wreak havoc on solder joints inside of electronics, causing rust and cracking. This is not what you want for your circuit boards. Those delicate connections are what keep your electronics running smoothly. It’s best to protect them from any conditions that could compromise them. The Lock Up has climate controlled units that provide the perfect environment for your valuable electronic items. Not only that, they are clean, safe and secure as well. If you’re looking to store your printer, computer or home entertainment system for any length of time, be sure to rent a climate controlled Lock Up storage unit near you.

Before placing any of your electronics into your Lock Up storage unit, you will need to do some prep work to ensure that your items remain in tip top condition. Here are some packing tips that will save you from ruining your electronics while in storage:

  • Purchase silica gel packets to pack in the boxes with your electronics. These act as desiccants and will absorb any moisture that may occur. You can also save up the silica gel packs that come in vitamins or packaged electronics for this purpose.
  • Remove all detachable wires and cords to protect the connections from damage. Use twist ties to keep cords tidy. Wrap some painter’s tape around each wire or cord and write what piece of equipment they belong to so that you don’t have to play a game of mix and match when you retrieve your items from storage. Keep all wires and cords in one clearly labeled box.
  • Don’t wrap your electronics in plastic! This traps moisture and encourages it to collect inside of your electronics. Instead, wrap them in old sheets or towels. This will also protect them from scratches.
  • Be sure to take out any batteries. You don’t want leaking battery acid to ruin your items.
  • Remove all media storage items such as CDs, DVDs, tapes, and SD or compact flash cards. Keep these all together in one clearly labeled box. And, be sure to back up any internal hard drives before storage.
  • If you’re placing multiple items in one box, be sure to provide extra padding between them to keep items from damaging each other. Packing popcorn or crumpled newspaper works well.
  • Inside your storage unit, stack your boxes according to weight. This will protect lighter, more fragile items from being crushed.

While climate controlled storage units provide the best protection to your electronics, be aware that any rapid heating or cooling can create the dreaded condensation that is just as destructive as storing your items in a cold, damp environment. Try to maintain an even temperature while transporting your electronics to or from your Lock Up storage unit. If that’s simply not possible, allow hot items to cool and cold items to warm up before powering them up.

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