Save Money In The Long Run With The Lock Up

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For Rent SignIf you’re looking for a new apartment, consider this: you may actually save money by renting an apartment that’s too small for all of your stuff and leasing a self storage unit for the items that won’t fit. This may sound like a crazy plan, but comparisons of price per square foot of rental apartments versus the price per square foot of self storage units in major U.S. markets show that you could feasibly save money by swapping 100 square feet of living space for 100 square feet of storage space.

Imagine a typical apartment dweller. You have the items that you need on a day to day basis…clothes, bedding, kitchen appliances, etc. Then you have the extra stuff that you want in your life, but only need at certain points throughout the year. Items like holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, and home office papers fall into that category. Why pay the premium prices found in apartment rentals for such items that will simply clutter your living area?

Instead, assess your storage needs and place those items into a Lock Up Self Storage unit. If they are sensitive items like electronics, you can secure a climate controlled unit. All of the Lock Up Self Storage facilities have state of the art security features like electronic coded access and security cameras so your items will be just as, if not more, safe than if you left them in your apartment. There are units that will suit any storage needs and we pride ourselves on the fact that our facilities are well maintained and clean. Additionally, The Lock Up leases units on a month to month basis. You’re not locked into a year long lease like most apartments require, which gives you more freedom.

Before you go renting a three bedroom apartment to accommodate all of your stuff, consider the savings you can have if you rent a two bedroom apartment instead and add a 5×5 storage unit for the things that would’ve just sat in the third bedroom, collecting dust. Or, if you’re considering upsizing to a larger apartment because you have a child on the way, use The Lock Up as a way to avoid uprooting yourselves and ease into family life. Place all your extra stuff in a storage unit and when you’re truly ready to upsize, you’ll have saved some money and many headaches.

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