Seasonal Clothing Swap Tips


When the temperatures begin to drop, the warmer clothes begin to emerge from the recesses of our closets. The transitioning from warm weather clothes to fall/winter clothing doesn’t have to be traumatic. Here are a few clever tips on how to organize your closet and have a smooth transition from season to season.

  • Hanging clothes. Instead of having to fold each item and place them into a bin for storage, purchase a rolling clothes rack that has a cover. You can keep all of your clothes on hangers and simply switch out racks of seasonal clothing.
  • Folded clothes. All of the items you have in drawers take up precious storage space when it’s time for them to be displaced for the next season. Here’s an idea: purchase a set of vacuum sealed storage bags. These are durable plastic bags that can take a stack of clothes and turn it into a practically hermetically sealed flat storage container. This makes it so easy to store clothes, they’re protected from the elements and once you open the bag, everything is still as fresh as the day you sealed it in there.
  • Boots. Every woman has a pair (or three) of tall boots. The problem with these kinds of boots is that when you’re not wearing them, they tend to flop over which can cause unsightly wrinkles or bends in the material they’re made from. An easy fix is to take two old magazines you have lying around, roll them up tightly and insert one into each boot. This will keep your boots standing tall, ready and at attention for your next rendezvous.

If you have any crafty or ingenious storage tips, share them here, we’d love to hear them! And if you’re looking for a clean, secure and convenient self storage facility to stash your summer gear for the winter, go to to find the Lock Up Self Storage facility nearest you.


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