See Inside The Lock Up Self Storage in Skokie, IL


The Lock Up Self Storage in Skokie, Illinois is a shining example of all that makes The Lock Up a great place to store your stuff. The site won a Silver Design Award for Excellence in Architectural and Engineering Design and when you see the space, you can understand why. With four levels of climate controlled storage, over 1,000 storage units, a large cargo bay that can accommodate two semi-trucks, a drive through area for drive up, climate controlled storage units, two large freight elevators, all the packing supplies you might need, a free move-in truck, and a knowledgeable and helpful staff, you can rest assured that your self storage needs will be attended to in the best possible way.

Here are some of the highlights of the Skokie Lock Up. Go ahead and click and drag your mouse inside the images below to look around. Note how impeccable the space is…wouldn’t you feel secure leaving your personal items in a self storage facility like this? Well, we’d love to have you!

Below is the large cargo bay. Turn to the left or right to see how you can take your stuff directly into the storage areas or spin all the way around to see the two freight elevators.

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Below is the drive through tunnel that houses the climate controlled drive up storage units.

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Below is the main office and area where you can buy packing supplies.

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Would you like to store your things in The Lock Up Self Storage in Skokie? Call us at (847) 677-8080


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