See Inside The Lock Up Self Storage Willowbrook


The Lock Up Self Storage in Willowbrook, Illinois is located right behind a large shopping area, providing convenience, but also providing privacy. Nestled down a driveway that shoots off of the main drag, The Lock Up is easily accessibly while out doing errands. This facility is impeccably clean and user friendly. Add to that climate controlled storage units and a top notch security monitoring system, and you’ve got a first rate self storage facility to which you can entrust even your most valuable items. Thanks to Google’s virtual tour, you can see for yourself below. Each picture below is actually a virtual tour of The Lock Up Self Storage in Willowbrook.

Use your mouse to click and drag your view around and click on the white arrows at the bottom of the screen to move through the space.

 Here is the main office that has a wide range of moving and packing supplies ready for you.  If you turn around, you’ll see the security monitors that run for 24 hours a day.

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Here you can see the large drive in loading bays. Moving trucks fit in easily and you can load or unload your items out of any harsh weather conditions. The large freight elevators are right there and in the back, you can see the hand trolleys that are available for you to use to get your items to and from your storage unit.

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And here is one of the carpeted, climate controlled storage units.

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If you live in or near Willowbrook and need a self storage unit, call The Lock Up Self Storage at 866-327-LOCK.


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