Self Storage Rental Units: Security and Safety Tips


Self storage facilities are a great solution for extra space or offsite storage of personal and business items. Self storage centers are convenient, cost-effective and secure and for the most part, you can trust that your items will be safe and sound. However, don’t rely on the storage facility completely. Take some responsibility and follow some precautions when using a self storage center.

The Facility

Your self storage facility should provide standard security measures such as coded entry, motion-detectng lighting, camera surveillance, alarms and smoke detectors. Ask your self storage center manager to show you the facility’s security features. Trust your gut, if you don’t feel confident your items will be safe, move on and find another storage center.

Personal Security

Whenever possible, bring someone with you when visiting your storage unit. There’s safety in numbers. If you have to go alone, be sure to go in the middle of the day. Avoid early morning, late evening hours and otherwise off-peak hours.

If your storage facility uses coded entry, be selective about who you share your access code with. You never know, that person you gave the code to that one time, could run off with all of your important items. Consider changing the code every now and again for maximum security.

Make sure the items in your self storage unit are insured. Sometimes your facility will offer insurance, but if not, make sure your items are covered under your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.

Physical Safety

Now that you’ve safely made it into your storage unit, make sure you stay safe inside the unit. Prevent injuries; avoid stacking items too high. Using shelves will provide more stability. Make sure there is a clear path through your storage unit so you can get out quickly in case of an emergency. Use dollies and flatbeds to move heavy items.

Following these tips will help you make sure your items stay safe and secure. What other storage safety and security tips can you share?


  1. I know in our area storage units are being lived in frequently which creates a second element of danger unfortunately. Always go in pairs of “twos” and make it a point to go on weekends when there is a log of activity as well.


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