Six Tips for Driving a Moving Truck


Did you know that most Lock Up Self Storage facilities offer free use of their move in truck for new tenants? It’s true. It’s a very useful service, but if you’re used to driving a normal sized car, the prospect of having to drive a moving truck can be daunting. However, there’s no need to stress, it’s easy once you know what to pay attention to. Here’s a primer on how to drive a moving truck.

  1. Familiarize yourself with your truck.
    Before you even start the engine, take a look around the truck. Figure out how tall it is, so you know what clearance height you require. Then you want to find all the things you might want to use or adjust while driving now so that you don’t have to figure something out while on the road. Look for and learn how to use the windshield wipers, lights/brights, emergency lights, and the radio.
  2. Adjust the side view mirrors.
    They will be your eyes since you will not have access to a rearview mirror while driving. You will depend on them to change lanes and when backing up. Be sure you back up carefully, especially if you’re not used to driving a longer vehicle. If you feel especially uncomfortable doing this, bring a friend along to help guide and direct you in tight situations.
  3. Drive slow.
    It’s a good idea to stay in the right hand lane until you have to take a left hand turn. There’s a lot of momentum in a packed moving truck. They’re large and heavy so it takes a lot more to slow down and stop than it does for a normal car.
  4. Keep at least one car length behind.
    By giving yourself enough space between yourself and the car in front of you, you are reducing the chances of having to stop short. You know what happens to the groceries in the back of your car when you stop short? Well, imagine what would happen to a refrigerator or your grandmother’s grandfather clock if you had to jam on the brakes because you were too close to the car in front of you. Tail gaiting is dangerous in a fully loaded moving truck.
  5. Take wide turns.
    The length and width of a moving truck requires special consideration when turning. The radius of a turn in a moving truck is far less than that of a regular car. You can’t effectively take corners really tightly, so don’t even try. Give yourself plenty of space on the side closest to the sidewalk. You want to avoid scraping the side of the truck on a lamppost or driving up onto the sidewalk.
  6. Set the emergency brake.
    This is particularly important to remember if you are in a hilly area. The emergency brake is that extra insurance that the items you’re moving don’t take any extra, unnecessary and potentially disastrous rides.

By keeping these things in mind, your migration from one place to the next in a moving truck will be a safe one for you and those sharing the road with you.

When you’re finally ready to move some of your stuff into a Lock Up Self Storage facility, visit to find one closest to you. And be sure to ask about the free move in truck!


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