Spotlight on The Lock Up Self Storage in Branford, Connecticut


The Lock Up Self Storage facility in Branford, Connecticut is located on historic U.S. Route 1. This route runs north-south and has served as the major artery connecting the states along the East Coast since the 1920’s, making life easier and more convenient for those making the long trek. In Branford, Route 1 is called North Main Street and it serves to connect the nearby shoreline community with the commercial and retail shops in the area, making life easier and more convenient for its residents. Having The Lock Up Self Storage located right on Route 1 is an added luxury that makes life in Branford more manageable by providing a clean, safe and convenient location for the residents and businesses of Branford to store their goods.

With top notch amenities, security and customer service, clients of the Branford Lock Up Self Storage facility can rest assured that their belongings are in good hands. Security measures include electronic coded entry, motion sensitive lighting and security camera monitoring. All of the units are climate controlled, ensuring that your items will not be damaged by the fluctuations in temperature and humidity that are characteristic of the East Coast. The units all have 9 foot high ceilings and come in a variety of sizes to meet your specific needs. There are even drive up units that are large enough to store vehicles. These exterior access units have 24 hour access and have double insulated garage doors so they are climate controlled just like the interior units. This is a real plus for the classic car aficionados that love to cruise Route 1. They not only have a secure, climate controlled environment to store their prized cars, but they can also get to their cars any time of day if the desire to go for a drive strikes them.

For the clients that have interior units in the Branford Lock Up, there is a handy interior loading bay that is completely removed from the elements. This makes accessing your storage unit a breeze, even in inclement weather. Whether you’re a sales rep who has samples that cannot be exposed to severe temperature changes, or a local resident storing delicate family heirlooms, the interior loading bay allows you to get your items in and out of The Lock Up Self Storage without worrying that you’ll ruin them going between the car and your unit.

In addition to the amenities available, the Branford Lock Up Self Storage also has periodic deals available to clients. For a limited time, they are offering a 10% discount to victims of hurricane Irene that need a place to store items while they recover. And depending on the unit size of your choice and the duration of your stay, you may qualify for a discount. So, be sure to check with the management to see if there is a discount available that would help you out.

If you find yourself on North Main Street (aka U.S. Route 1) in Connecticut and need a clean, safe and secure facility to store something, call the Branford Lock Up Self Storage directly at 203-483-5625.


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