Spotlight on The Lock Up Self Storage River North, Illinois


The Lock Up Self Storage:  Chicago – River North, Illinois

350 West Kinzie Ave.

Chicago, IL 60654


The River North location of The Lock Up Self Storage facilities serves the downtown Chicago community in more ways than one.  Aside from providing a clean, safe and affordable location to store items for condo dwellers who have little to no storage space, the River North location also makes doing business in Chicago a breeze for many.

The River North facility is conveniently located next to the Merchandise Mart and the Apparel Center which serve as hubs for retail and wholesale businesses from around the world.  At any given point in time, there may be tradeshows, gift shows or special retail events going on in the Merchandise Mart and The Apparel Center.  These events require businesses to essentially set up temporary stores in order to display their merchandise to potential and existing buyers; and those businesses often return to take part in multiple shows over the course of a year.  This means that their display items (racks, shelving, lighting, etc) need to be dismantled and removed from the premises after the show is over.  Such heavy merchandise is extremely expensive to ship back and forth, especially when gas prices are at all time highs.  Instead of paying for shipping, companies are opting to store their temporary store displays in The Lock Up Self Storage facility in River North during the year.  The loading dock for the Mart is directly across the street from this Lock Up facility which makes loading in and unloading incredibly easy and convenient.  Another helpful bonus is that The Lock Up Self Storage facility accepts deliveries large and small for their tenants and will even place the deliveries directly into their unit for them.  This alleviates the stress of having to plan how package deliveries will be received for companies not based in Chicago.

Additional perks that can be found in the River North location of The Lock Up Storage facility are:

  • Units specifically designs to store wine (in fact, this is the only location in Chicago that has this capability)
  • Carpeted hallways and units
  • Climate controlled environment
  • 24 hour security cameras
  • Electronic coded access
  • Full size passenger elevator
  • Motion sensitive lighting
  • Complimentary use of a truck for move in with any new lease

So, if you’re interested in living in downtown Chicago or want to take part in shows at the Merchandise Mart to grow your business, be sure to keep The Lock Up Self Storage facility at 350 W. Kinzie Ave in mind for all of your storage needs.

Now you can get a FREE Month at this location…just buy the 1st month and the 2nd month is FREE.  Call (312)464-1900 to get set up with a unit in this great facility.


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