Spring Cleaning Hacks – Ceiling Check


Spring-cleaningSpring is the time to fling open the doors and windows to let fresh air into your home. For some of you, doing this might blow about the dirt that accumulated over the winter months. That means you’re due for some spring cleaning. Dust gathers in the strangest places, and sometimes when we clean, we overlook the dirt that lives above our heads.  So here are some recommendations for making sure you eliminate the possibility of a sneak dust bunny attack from overhead.

  • Ceiling Fans
    The blades are the big culprits when it comes to ceiling fans and dust collecting. The flat surfaces are perfect for floating dust particles to alight and congregate. You’ll learn that the hard way by turning on a long ignored ceiling fan and being sprayed by dust. Or, if you use your fan often during the winter, you’ll notice that the edges have collected a layer of dust. When the time comes to reverse the blade directions to pull cool air upwards, that layer of dust will get pushed off in ribbons. These two scenarios prove that cleaning your ceiling fans should be the first task in any spring cleaning endeavors. The best way to do this is to take an old pillowcase, spray the inside with a dusting spray if you have some handy, then place the case over a blade and gently pull off, paying special attention to the tops and sides as you do so. Repeat for each blade.This will collect the dust so it doesn’t go in your eyes and makes cleaning a ceiling fan a breeze.
  • Moldings/Window Ledges
    Place an old sock over your hand, spray it with a mild cleanser/dusting spray, and gently run it along any door frames, moldings, and window ledges to clear away the winter dust.
  •  Overhead Lights & Sconces
    Lights on the ceiling should be cleaned next. If you have a fixture that has a glass shade, take down the shade and dump out any dust/insects that have gathered in it. Hand wash it with a gentle detergent and warm water. Dry it off. If the bulb of any ceiling fixtures are exposed, go around to each one with a clean, dry paintbrush. Replace shades.
  • Fire Alarms/Carbon Monoxide
    Spring cleaning is the perfect time to test your fire and carbon monoxide alarms to make sure they’re in good working order. Change the batteries in them and take a damp cloth to the outside housing to remove any loose dust.

Have any overhead cleaning tips for us? Leave them here!


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