Spring Cleaning Tips


Although spring has officially sprung, the temperatures outside are not quite in agreement yet. But that means that now is a perfect time to get started on some good ole spring cleaning inside so that you will be ready to enjoy every second of nice weather outside when it arrives.

The correct order for major cleaning is not known by everyone, so here’s a tip to make sure you don’t have to do twice the amount of cleaning. Start by dusting and focus on things up high such as ceiling fans, shelves and large furniture. By starting here, all the dust falls to the ground which you then vacuum or sweep up. Only then should you mop the floors.

Here are some great life hacks for your more detailed spring cleaning endeavors.

  • Clean windows
    Use old newspapers to clean your windows. They leave no fibers behind and they’ll create a streak free finish. Also, dip a Q-Tip in vinegar and run it along the corners and tracks of the windows to finish up the job.
  • Clear drains
    Soap, hair and food debris can gather along the insides of pipes, slowly clogging them. Take a pot of boiling water and pour it down each drain. This will loosen the debris and keep your pipes clean. Squeeze some lemon juice in the water for a fresh scent too!
  • Clean hard to reach areas
    Ever wonder what’s lurking underneath the refrigerator, stove, or entertainment center? Get those difficult to reach areas clear of dust bunnies and toys that the cat batted into them. Take an old pair of nylons and drape them over a yardstick then use it to swipe under these areas. You’ll be amazed what you are able to clean!
  • Freshen up furniture
    Take your cushions outside and shake them out, but also pay attention to the wood frames. If you have scratches on any wood surfaces, try rubbing walnuts on them. The oils will fill the scratches and mask them.

Have a tip for spring cleaning? Share them with us here!


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