Store Wine The Right Way


wine glassWe at The Lock Up Self Storage take wine storage very seriously. Whether you’ve made an investment in valuable bottles or you’re just starting your collection, several of our locations are outfitted with commercial grade wine cellars that will protect your wine for as long as you can resist opening the bottles. We’ve taken care of everything so you don’t have to. Learn more about our Wine Cellars here. Keep reading for tips on how to store wine here.

  • Avoid the heat miser!
    When it comes to wine, you must keep things cool. Heat is the number one enemy. Temperatures over 70° will literally cook your wine and permanently taint the flavor.
  • But not too cold…
    You definitely don’t want to leave your wine bottles in an area where they run the risk of freezing. Cold temperatures can affect the cork as well, which can allow air into the bottle which is a big no no.
  • Even humidity is key.
    Too little moisture will dry out the cork, too much moisture can cause mold and even loosen the labels on your bottles.

The Lock Up Self Storage Wine Cellars stay at an average ideal temperature of 55° and maintain relative humidity levels of 60-70%.

  • Keep it steady
    Vibrations can speed up chemical reactions. Just like you, your fine wines like to relax…preferably in a reclined manner. It’s best to store wine on its side because that keeps the liquid at the cork, which keeps it moist, and the air out.
  • Keep it dark
    Strong light, whether sunlight or incandescent, can adversely react with compounds, degrading them and causing unpalatable changes in the aroma, flavor and structure of the wine.

The Lock Up Self Storage Wine Cellars have racks that hold your wine at the perfect angle, as well as doors that have panels that deflect light out of your unit. The cellars also have automatic lights that only turn on when needed, thereby cutting down even further on any light exposure.

If you’re interested in storing your wine in one of our cellars, whether you have a personal collection or you’re a commercial business such as a restaurant or bar and need additional storage space, contact us today. Or visit


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