Protect Your Summer Road Toys from Winter Woes


The mercury is falling and soon snow will be too. This means it’s time to realize that summertime road toys like motorcycles and mopeds will need to go into hibernation. Snow, ice, salt and sub-zero degree weather are dangerous elements to ride around in, so it’s imperative to find a good storage solution for your trusty steed. The Lock Up is the perfect place for your two wheeled friend to wait out the winter. Storing your wheels in a Lock Up Self Storage facility will ensure that they’re safe, secure and protected from the harsh elements. Come springtime, you’ll roll out of your Lock Up self storage unit with a cherry ride.

Here are some tips for prepping your road warriors for a stay at the Lock Up over the winter:

  1. Give her a good wash & wax.
    Applying wax will protect painted surfaces from moisture and rust. A good spray of WD-40 on the engine and mufflers helps too. Doing this step will keep your wheels looking good for the long haul.
  2. Change the oil and filter.
    Byproducts created by the engine’s combustion produce acids in the oil and these will harm the inner metal surfaces over time. So, even if you’re not due for an oil change, you’d be wise to change what’s in there…and you might as well change the filter too.
  3. Add Fuel Stabilizer.
    Fill the gas tank, then add winterizing fuel conditioner. This will prevent the fuel from going stale. Fuel that’s gone stale has evaporated out certain compounds, making it thicker and sour smelling. If left too long, stale fuel will turn into gum that will clog up all the works. So it’s best to add the fuel stabilizer over winter.
  4. Remove the battery.
    When a motorcycle, scooter, or moped is stored for any length of time, you must remove the battery. Even when the ignition switch is in the “off” position, there’s often a small current that will drain your battery. A drained battery has a harder time sustaining a charge and will likely need to be replaced before your first springtime ride next year.
  5. Tires.
    Make sure that your tires are properly inflated to the recommended pressure. FYI, this is a good thing to ensure even when in use.
  6. Service all fluids.
    It’s a good idea to change the brake and clutch fluids every two years. If you’re not familiar with these systems and your ride is due for servicing, have a professional help you.
  7. Rent a climate controlled Lock Up storage unit.
    A Lock Up climate controlled unit will protect your ride from the ravages of freezing temperatures and moisture. Rust on the metal parts and cracking in the rubber of tires or fluid lines will be averted with a storage unit that keeps the temperature and humidity at moderate levels.

Do you have good tips for winterizing your summer road toys? Tell us here!


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