Summer Storage Solutions for Students

Summer Storage Solutions for Students

Regardless of where you attend college, summer means the same thing. It’s time for a break from classes and moving out of your current place. While some college students decide to keep their lease throughout the summer and into the following year, many are welcoming the break with a fresh start. This means packing up their things, leaving campus, and heading back home or on vacations with their friends. Rather than packing all of your things into your car and hauling it around for a few months, there is a better option. By exploring summer storage solutions for students, you’ll be able to save time and money while increasing the convenience of spontaneous summer plans.

Benefits of Summer Storage for College Students

Summer Storage Solutions for StudentsThe main reason that college students seek out summer storage is because of convenience. You’re going to have to pack your things and move them eventually, so you might as well keep them safe between leases. By storing your belongings on or near campus, you’ll make things much easier and avoid damaging items you’re hauling around. Here are some of the biggest benefits of summer storage for students.

Easier Move Out/In

Packing things into boxes rather than trying to strategically fit things into your car like a puzzle is far easier. It reduces the number of steps you have to take to eventually get to your new place. Simply pack things into the boxes, move them into your self storage unit, and when you return, you just need to pick up your things and head to your new place.

Less Expensive Trip Home

Depending on where you live, bringing everything you own home from college for the summer can get pretty expensive. While renting a self storage unit is a small investment, it’s far less then it would cost to transport everything with you across the country twice.

Safe and Affordable Options

When choosing your facility, make sure that you find something with temperature controlled options to avoid deterioration in the hot summer months. At The Lock Up Self Storage, all of our units are temperature controlled and protected by a number of security features so you can rest easy knowing your things are in good hand.

Summer Storage Options

Summer Storage Solutions for StudentsWith that being said, there are a few different options that you have when choosing how you want to store your items. While your campus may have options for student storage, we recommend utilizing a trusted self storage facility. This allows for secure, protected self storage that’s kept in climate controlled units so that your things stay exactly how you left them. With flexible leasing options at The Lock Up Self Storage, you’ll be able to find what you need for both short-term storage or long-term commitments.

Choosing the Best Size Unit for Summer Storage

Choosing the right size self storage unit depends on where you live and how much you own. If you’re moving out of a dorm and will be going into an apartment, or furnished student housing, you likely won’t need much storage. Without any furniture or bulky kitchen accessories, a simple 5’ x 5’ self storage unit should suffice. This will be enough to hold about 12 moving boxes and a small desk and chair if you have it. For those with bicycles that will be staying on campus, we recommend upgrading the size of your storage unit to a 5’ x 7.5’ to avoid overpacking your unit and potentially damaging your items.

Summer Storage Solutions for StudentsIf you have your own mattress and you plan on keeping it to use when you return in the fall, you’ll want to increase your self storage unit to a 5’ x 10’. This will give you an adequate amount of room for your mattress, a number of moving boxes, a bicycle, and even a small desk. This tends to be one of the more popular sizes for college students who are moving out of a dorm or a furnished apartment if they’ve purchased their own mattress.

For students who have moved out of the dorms or furnished apartments and have their own belongings, finding a bigger option will help you save money and avoid having to sell/re-buy furniture once you return. This does not apply to those who will be continuing their lease through the summer, but some students find that signing a nine or 10-month lease and then using self storage is a good way to save money.

Summer Storage Solutions for StudentsEven though studio apartments tend to be on the smaller side, you’ll still have an adequate amount of furniture that needs to be put into storage. A 5’ x 15’ self storage unit can easily fit all of the furniture from a studio apartment as well as a number of moving boxes. This will give you an adequate amount of room without overcrowding your things, which is important when making sure that they’re kept in good condition. If you have a larger apartment and need to store items from both a bedroom and a living room, along with kitchen essentials and extra boxes, a 10’ x 10’ self storage unit is a good option.

The Lock Up Self Storage offers a range of self storage sizes to help accommodate your needs. In addition to the sizes listed above, we have a plethora of other options to allow for a personalized experience. For a better understanding of which self storage size is best for you, contact us today.

Packing Tips for College Students

Summer Storage Solutions for StudentsOne of the best ways to make sure that packing for your summer storage solutions goes as seamless as possible is to start by taking inventory of everything you’ll need to store. Depending on where you live, or where you’re going to spend your summer, you may need to keep certain things available or take them with you. While we don’t recommend taking furniture, bedding, décor, or cookware back home for a few months, you will need a certain amount of clothes—especially if you’ve already cleared out your parent’s home.

Consider where you’re going to be spending most of your summer. You’ll need a different wardrobe if you’re heading to a beach versus the mountains. Making a conscious effort to strategically pack will help you get the most out of your storage solutions. It’ll also allow you to better understand exactly what size self storage unit you’ll need.

Once you’ve set aside your summer essentials, it’s time to start packing your remaining belongings. To make the most of your self storage unit, pack strategically. Put heavy items like textbooks into smaller boxes so they can be carried easier and try to pair like things with like. If there’s any empty space in your boxes, fill it with clothes, pillows, or bubble wrap to make sure that the boxes don’t collapse.

Take the time to label each of your boxes so you know exactly what’s inside. While you’ll only be gone for a few months, it’s unlikely that you’ll return and know exactly where everything is. Creating labels and even an inventory will help you expedite the unpacking process once you’re in your new home.

While you’re packing, if you come across anything that you no longer need or want, set it aside. Create a sell and a donate pile so that you can start the next ear off fresh. There are plenty of options for local marketplaces on social media, craigslist, and more. Take advantage of this early on and you’ll get a little extra spending money for your summer break.

If you’re a new renter looking for a self storage unit, The Lock Up Self Storage is the perfect place to start. We offer flexible leasing options alongside a variety of storage options to fit everyone’s budget and varying needs. All of our units are temperature controlled and climate controlled to keep your things in the best condition possible. To give you even more peace of mind, all of our locations are equipped with top-of-the-line security features. Our secure self storage facilities feature security-controlled gate access, motion-sensitive lighting, 24-hour camera monitoring, and perimeter alarms. Many of our locations offer electronic coded access specific to each tenant. To find a self storage unit, contact one of the representatives at The Lock Up Self Storage today. Give us a call at 1-866-327-LOCK or find a unit online today!