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Self Storage Rental Units: Security and Safety Tips

Self storage centers are convenient, cost-effective and secure and for the most part, you can trust that your items will be safe and sound. However, don't rely on the storage facility completely.

Spotlight on The Lock Up Chicago-Belmont/Cragin

Many Chicagoans live in old buildings and bungalows and often don't have room to store all of their "stuff." Luckily, The Lock Up offers several Chicago-area self storage centers.

First-Time Users Guide to Self Storage

Is storage space becoming an issue for you, your family or your business? Have you considered taking advantage of a self storage facility? If you've never used a self-storage unit before, here are a few basics you should consider and a few tips to get you started.

Move-In, Move-Out: Managing College Moves with Less Hassle

Every holiday, spring and summer break, thousands of parents and SUVs descend upon campus, blocking driveways, taking up parking spots and crowding the elevators – just to move all your stuff out of a dorm for two measly weeks. Save yourself a lot of headache and irritation by putting your college stuff in a self-storage facility near campus.

Prevent Milton Syndrome and Achieve a Clutter-Free Office Space

In offices and businesses where storage space is tight, using an external storage facility is a good solution. You can store boxes of archived files, sales collateral and company literature and backup tapes from the IT department.

Preparing to Move into Your Storage Unit

For many projects, preparation is 90% of the work. The same rule applies when you are moving items into a self storage facility. Here are a few tips to help you get organized.

Smart Storage: How to Protect Your Items from the Elements

Many of us really like our "stuff" – so much so that even if we don't have room for it or use it very often, we still want to hold on to it. But if you want to use that stuff again in the future, it's important that you know how to safely store it. Prevent damage by taking extra care when packing your items for storage and choose a climate-controlled storage facility.

Almost Paradise: Small Space Living in Waikiki

If you are thinking about moving to Waikiki or live there now, you probably already know that it's not cheap. One solution that can make living in Waikiki a reality, is to live in or move into a smaller place.

Preparing for Retirement: Storing Furniture and Antiques

Moving to a retirement community usually means downsizing on space. But you don't have to part with your family's antiques and treasures when you retire. You can safely store the items in a self-storage facility for as long as you need.